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Scrubs for nurses

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Nurses wearing scrubs
Pastel or primary colors, we are the cutest!
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The benefits of nursing scrubs over formal unforms

Why do nurses wear scrubs? What purpose do they serve and how are they different from regular uniforms? White nursing uniforms tend to be considered as the formal wear of the nursing profession. Scrubs for nurses may be solid-colored or patterned and have a completely different look that is more casual and relaxed than their crisper counterparts. Scrub tops are also not collared and the slacks are often loose fitting.

Nursing uniforms and scrubs for nurses that are worn while attending to patients or performing laboratory tests are more likely to become soiled with disease-causing germs. That is why hospital garments, be they white uniforms or scrubs for nurses, must be washed well. The best way to avoid contagion is to use either an outside or hospital laundry service. If this proves too costly, hot water poured directly on the scrubs would be enough to disinfect them. Anti-bacterial detergents can also be used to ensure that unwanted, tiny critters die a horrible death.

Scrubs are uniforms in their own particular, non-traditional way. They all have deep “cargo” pockets” comfortable V-necks and come in all the colors of the rainbow and even some silly designs. Unlike nursing uniforms, they are always wrinkle-free. The test of a good scrub is one that is comfortable enough to sleep in; a fate that befalls many an overworked nurse.

What are the major differences between scrubs for nurses and uniforms?

1- The color factor

Nursing uniforms are almost always bright white in color. Scrubs, on the other hand, come in many colors. Some hospitals have stricter dress codes than others, but each health facility determines which color scrubs employees are allowed to wear.

2- Designs and patterns

White nursing uniforms are plain and do not have any patterns or designs. Scrubs for nurses, on the other hand, are available in a myriad of different designs and patterns, including cartoon characters, flowers and even polka dots.

3- Professionalism

The crisp white nursing uniform looks a lot more professional than scrubs for nurses even though they are both made from the same combination of polyester and cotton which ensures easy care and durability. Scrubs for nurses are known for their relaxed fit and bright colors. They are practical and comfortable and suit the long workday so very well associated with the nursing profession.

For these reasons, many institutions and private medical, dental and veterinary practices are easing up in their apparel guidelines. The market place has responded and now scrubs for nurses are available at remarkably low prices. Online retailers and/or catalogers offer the gamut of scrubs for nurses, ranging from trendy wrap tops to carton-print scrubs for pediatric practice. The biggest problem is making a decision from the sea of available choices. Bear in mind the practice they will be used for and that may help to narrow the decision. In other cases, the decision of appropriate apparel will be made by the health care facility.

Whatever be the case, it’s a new day of ease and comfort for the nurses of the modern world and the scrubs they wear.

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