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Here are a few ideas to help you sell fashion that shoppers love in your store

Consumers are tight for cash, especially during and immediately after the winter holidays. As such, retailers in touch with fashion-savvy shoppers have to make sure they are at the top of the heap when it comes time for that consumer to open their wallet and spend money on their product. Here are a few tips to help the fashion retailer get their product home with the consumer of their dreams.

Start with style

Customers who are shopping for fashion are generally looking for the latest styles or something different. Retro styles are big these days and can be anything from a 1960’s-style Chevron Open Knit Poncho to a pair of music-video-inspired hole-covered jeans from the 1990’s. The key is to listen to your customers and sell fashion that shoppers love.

Who cares about the consumer?

Economics classes use the word ‘consumer’ as the target of retail, but what about the shopper? The shopper is the person that walks into your store, either online or in person, so that is who you want to target. Sell to the shopper, not consumers by knowing your customer. Send around a survey of your most frequent shoppers or simply have one of your best sales people ask a shopper as they browse your racks of clothing. The more you know about your actual customer, the better you will be able to target the customers who will buy.

Color me fashionable

How do colors affect purchases? This infographic shows the visual appearance of an object makes a greater impact on the buying habits of consumers more than texture or feel. In fact, 85% of shoppers say they chose an item based mostly on its color above any other factor. For example, yellow grabs the attention of shoppers with its youth and optimism while green is the color of wealth and relaxation. If you are a retailer, look into the psychology of color to boost your sales and get more eyes on your products. Find out what colors your consumers is attracted to from season to season and then build your business to sell fashion that shoppers love.

Make it convenient

If you are an online retailer, convenience is going to be one of the factors that adds exponentially to your customer’s impulse to purchase. motivation (New Study Reveals Why Consumers Really Shop Online (Surprise: It Isn't Low Prices – Forbes). Online shoppers general do not like wasting time browsing through brick and mortar stores. The interesting thing is that saving money on their purchase is also not their primary. They will spend more of their dollars if it is easy with things like free shipping thrown in to add to the convenience.

Helping others while they shop

Various retailers have added a community involvement item to their mission statement in the last few years. Whether it is donating to a Toys For Tots program like the Marines conduct each year or matching a portion of a sale to donate to a local homeless shelter, shoppers are more likely to purchase an item if they know it will benefit someone else. They can detect insincerity, though, so make sure as a retailer that your heart is in your goodwill efforts before making this type of promise to your fans.

It can be tricky to sell fashion that shoppers love, but it can be done and done well. Just make sure, above all, to listen to your customers. What do they like? How do they like it presented to them? Where do they mostly spend their hard-earned wages or birthday money? Stick to these basics and you will gain the eyes of that fashion-savvy shopper with his or her wallet open and get them to part with some of it to purchase your products.

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