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Seven women’s jeans from Seven For All Mankind

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seven jeans
Put on a pair of lucky sevens.
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Seven women’s jeans from Seven For All Mankind

Seven is my lucky number.

I’m a bit of a gambling girl and have a religious routine that I follow, every time I hit the casino…

I blow on my dice seven times at the craps table, I win.
I bet seven Ben Franklins on seven at the roulette wheel, I win.
I raise on pocket sevens at the poker table, I win.
I plug seven quarters into the Elvis Presley slot machine, I win.
I order a Seven and Seven from the cocktail waitress, I win.
I wear my lucky designer Seven women’s jeans, I win.

I guess you could call these new skinny Seven Women’s Jeans my frosted lucky charms. They’re magically delicious featuring slight fading on the front and back with back patch pockets and cool blue crystal designs. However these designer jeans often come with a price tag.

When I want great quality denim, I’m more than lucky to have found Lees, where they showcase similar quality denim jeans at prices that always leave me with plenty of gambling money.

Lees are the preferred classic jeans amongst Hollywood’s leading ladies and usually seen decorating the gams of Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Liv Tyler and yours truly. On a scale of one to seven, they’re a perfect ten.

Luck be a lady tonight.

DID YOU KNOW? The best way to maintain the shape of your skinny jeans is by hand-washing them in cold water, hanging them to dry, and denying them carbohydrates.

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