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Weekend style for men

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There is an art to creating a perfect weekend style for men who spend the week in suits
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Weekend style for men is all about being comfortable during your downtime

Okay, guys, I know what's going on here. The workweek is over, and you're headed home.  The weekend is stretched out in front of you, you finally get to get out of that cubicle, and better yet, out of that suit and tie for for a couple of days.

The weekend is looking great. You're planning to spend some time with friends, maybe check out that new jazz club downtown.  Grab a bite to eat in your favorite bistro. And then there's the sailing trip with your girlfriend on Sunday. And there won't be a suit in sight until Monday morning.

From weekday suits to weekend slob

With all that fun on your calendar, have you even given a thought to what will you wear?

Okay, I hear the silence. You haven't given it a single thought, have you?

All too often, weekend style for men consists of whatever they aren't allowed to wear the rest of the week.  Those raggedy, saggy butt jeans.  The faded and stretched out t-shirt that used to be blue -- or was it green?  A pair of sneakers that have definitely seen better days.

And all of that is great for hanging around the house or working in the yard.  But what about when it's time to go out and spend an evening with friends or a day with your girlfriend?  Are you still going to wear those old things? For real? 

You can do better!  You can be comfortable, and still look great all weekend long. Trust me! You can handle a little fashion advice.

Finding a weekend style

We're going to keep this simple, 'cause I know you guys hate to shop and this is, well, kind of shopping related.  No!  Don't run!  Your girlfriend is going to love it. Just try it.

Okay.  A simple first step.  What's you favorite color? Is it blue? Black? If you say beige, someone is going to get hurt, so skip that one. (Does anyone REALLY like beige or are they just afraid of color?  Another article..)  Anyhow, what's your first choice? 

Let's say it's blue.  Just to illustrate.  Now you're going to go to an online men's clothing store or catalog and you're going to look for some casual stuff in blue. Cotton long sleeved shirts. Men's sport shirts. Sweaters. Polos.  Pick the comfortable things -- no office wear, no t-shirts.  T-shirts you know already, so you don't need more.  This is about finding a weekend style for men that works for things that don't involve car parts or pitchers of beer.

Now find three pairs of pants in the catalog or website that go with the shirts or sweaters.

Don't panic! 

When I say find pants that "go with" the shirts, I am not going to leave you out there trying to figure it out.  If you've picked out some long sleeved shirts, find a nice crisp pair of khakis. If it's a sweater, look for some gray wool pants (or if the sweater is brown, tan wool pants.).  Not stiff ones. Comfortable ones. For the polo shirts, a pair of Dockers or another pair of khakis. See, style for men is simple!

Now order them all.  Or print out the pages and take them to the nearest department store and hand them to the sales clerk. They will do the rest.

Buy the new clothes

This weekend, try out your new look. A button down shirt and khakis for the dinner and music. A polo or sweater for the sailing trip. Yeah, you'll probably get some ribbing from your buddies, especially if they're still in the beat up t-shirts and saggy jeans.  It's okay.  Your girlfriend will love it. Or if you don't have a girlfriend yet, get ready. 

Because in the immortal words of ZZ Top, Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man..."

Even on the weekend.

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