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Summer fashion for plus size women

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maxi dress
Actress Kirstie Alley looks pretty in a maxi dress
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Finding summer fashion for plus size women doesn't have to be a chore!

Some women dread the summer months because they are self-conscious about their bodies and aren't comfortable wearing summer clothing, which tends to reveal a lot of skin. These females prefer the cold-weather months when their bodies are hidden beneath layers of clothing.

Regardless of a person's size or weight, a woman can look good in warm weather clothing. Summer fashion for plus size women certainly exists. If you are in this category, take advantage of the styles complimenting your size and shape. 

Maxi Dress

The maxi, one of the greatest fashion inventions of all time, is ideal for summer. It's long and hides the bottom portion of the body, which may be your preference, yet it s also breezy enough the wearer doesn't get hot.

The maxi is appropriate for both casual and dress-up events. It is easy to wear, comfortable, fashion-forward and just flat-out pretty. You will get a lot of mileage (and compliments) out of a summer maxi dress

Tops, Tees and Cardigans

Tank tops are a summer staple. Make sure it fits properly and wear a supportive bra underneath. Droopy breasts are not becoming on anyone. If you don't like baring your upper arms, purchase tee-shirts in beautiful summery hues featuring short sleeves.

Toss on a cardigan sweater in the evening when it gets cooler. A long cardigan is another fashion Godsend. Not only are they pretty and functional but they hide body parts you may not want to put on display, such as your backside or arms. 

Show off your cleavage and breasts. Wear eye-catching jewelry at your neckline and on your ears. No one is going to be looking at your butt. They will be riveted by your lovely face and bosom. Emphasize that which is best about your body. And, yes, everyone has good parts.


Knee length shorts appeared (back) on the scene in force during the past decade. This is a good look for any woman who does not want to show off thighs that are not toned, are showing signs of age or are flabby. These shorts come in cuffed or non-cuffed styles and hit right above the knee so the lower leg is exposed and you keep cool. Denim or cotton shorts are breathable so you won't sweat. 

Wear shorts with good-looking sandals, espadrilles or platforms. Shave your legs and be generous with the lotion. Plus size women often have great legs. Show them off! Let the world see them. 

Capri Pants

Capris or cropped pants reach just above the ankle or just below the knee. When selecting capris, pick the style that flatters your figure. Carefully study the length and fit and see if you are achieving the look you wants. 

When a woman has large calves, if the capris are too short it will emphasize the girth of the calves, making the woman look shorter and heavier than she is. Get a longer pair. 

Avoid cropped pants featuring elastic or drawstring waists because they gather and add bulk. 

The best choice for a plus size woman is a straight leg, cropped pant hitting just above the ankle or at mid calf. Keep in mind, where the pant ends is the area of the body highlighted. If you have thick ankles you may not want to emphasize them, which happens when the pant is cropped right above the ankle. 

Avoid flared legs because this makes a woman look shorter and heavier. Couple the capris with a top that stops at mid hip. 

Empire Waist 

A mid length or full length sundress featuring an empire waistline is a good look for plus size women. You can hide a lot of stuff under a dress with a high waistline.

Covering yourself in a billowing caftan is going to make you look larger; however, wearing clothing that is too tight is not going to be flattering either. Strike a happy medium. Clothing should skim rather than hug the body for the best look and most comfort

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