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Swimsuits for a European beach vacation

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European beach vacation
Float in carefree European summer style
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Find the right swimsuits for a European beach vacation

Some of us donít take summer escapes lightly when Europe calls. The flight is booked, your room is confirmed. Now comes the tricky part: Itís time to choose the perfect swimsuit for this dream trip.

You donít have to speak the same language to fit in with the sophisticated, classic looks worn from the French Riviera to the Mediterranean. Qualities to look for in a swimsuit for European beach vacation range from bright and colorful, to sexy, unique and comfortable. Here ďcomfortableĒ should be interpreted as something you'll wear with absolute confidence. No hiding allowed!

In general, European beach style is more daring than what you may find in the United States. Women of all ages and sizes wear bikinis and many men wear a Speedo, for better or worse. 


Thereís no rule that says bikinis are only for a certain age group. If youíre keen on showing off all your hard work at the gym, go for a two-piece. Remember to choose a supportive style thatíll stay put in ocean waves, like halter, tankinis and bandeau with a center strap.

Accustomed to bikinis? Consider getting your go-to style in a new pattern. This way youíll have a fresh suit without the risk of bringing a style you donít feel comfortable enough wearing in public. 

No matter which beach youíre going to in Europe, there will be plenty of women wearing way less than you. Some women pair their thongs with nothing on top. Others sport modest designs that accentuate their bodies without completely baring them. Thereís no wrong answer as long as youíre careful to apply extra sun screen to skin not often exposed to the sun.

One-piece suits

Havenít worn a bikini since high school and not sure you want to? Check out some of the sexy one-piece styles. Bikinis are fun, but one-piece suits have a certain alluring charm to them.  A swimsuit for European beach vacation should make you feel like a million bucks Ė itís all in how you wear it. 

Popular styles for tops are similar to those in the U.S. Ė halter, strapless and sportier tops for swimming. Bottoms on younger women may sit lower on the hips and tie at the sides. Skirt-style bottoms are less common. For more coverage in a flattering cut, try curve-hugging  swimsuits with ruched sides and a full scoop bottom or sporty board shorts over top.

Play the part

This vacation requires a swimsuit you can have fun in Ė something memorable that youíll want to associate with your trip. It should also pop in pictures so bold colors are a wise pick.

Choose a style muse to guide your selection of a swimsuit for European beach vacation, like a glamorous 50ís starlet. For example, a classic look is the slightly retro polkaĖdot halter, accessorized with big shades and a bigger sun hat.

Cover-ups and footwear

Keep a few practical considerations in mind when deciding what to wear in Europe. Some of the beaches are rocky so itís a good idea to bring jellies for wearing in the water so you donít sink in the pebbles. Flip flops or sandals work well for strolling along the water.

It gets chilly so be sure to bring a cover-up. Sarongs give a nice nod to Europeansí keen fashion sense, plus theyíre lightweight, versatile and you can wear one as a shawl if you get cold. Since itís not common to walk around in just a swimsuit, youíll also want something modest to throw on for walking back to your room.

European summer style is effortless and inspiring. Donít worry about trying to blend as many of the people youíll see will be tourists, too. Have fun and embrace the new.

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