Trendy teen clothing

By Jean Sanders
Info Guru, Catalogs.com

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teen wearing trendy clothing
Slim is in with skinny jeans and tailored styling. Frills and ruffles add a feminine touch.
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Teen Fashion Trends

School has started, winter's on the way, and it's starting to get cold outside. Heat up your life with some trendy teen clothing.

For girls, one of this season's big trends pairs a tailored look and bold patterns with Victorian- inspired feminine details such as frills and ruffles. Think a loose, frilled tunic in a masculine plaid, or a sexy wrap top in a bold black and white floral print. Keep it casual by combining a camisole or wrap top with simple jeans or a straight miniskirt. V-necks are trendy teen clothing right now, from wrapped or smocked v-neck tops to Kimono shirts, in feminine colors such as soft red and pink, with the neck "V" and "belt" outlined in a contrasting color, such as black or white. A "tie" shirt belt is a popular feature. Texture contrasts are in, with cotton or knit shirts set off by satin trim. Black and white, black and gray, and black and pink are popular color combinations. Brown and white or brown and pink works too. Bright floral patterns against a darker or duller background are in. A flowy version of the camisole is also popular.

Pants are slimming down this season, with leggings and skinny jeans spotlighted. Stirrup pants are back in fashion. Wear with a loose, colorful tunic and high heels for a sleek feminine look. Another trendy teen fashion look is low-rise skinny jeans- usually in black or faded blue- sometimes worn bunched at the heels with a pair of knockout high heels or tucked into a pair of leather boots. Ankle flair pants are skinny too, and also popular. But don't worry- people who don't think they can get away with "skinny" pants can still find wide-legged jeans.

Mini skirts are especially hot this season. Often found in denim, they can be flared or pencil-thin. Wear with boots, flats, or even flip-flops for a casual yet stylish look. Circle skirts, asymmetrical or jagged hem skirts, and pencil skirts are also trendy teen clothing. Halter top dresses and tube dresses are currently at the height of dress fashion. Contrasting trim designs (often in satin) and bold patterns such as polka dots, florals, and paisleys adorn feminine dresses in fabrics that range from flowing satin and cotton to stiff denim and corduroy. Black and white and black and grey are popular color combinations, but dresses stand out in bright colors as well- red and white florals, greens, blues, and colorful prints. For those casual days, hoodies and jogging suits are popular- especially in feminine colors and cozy velour fabrics. Combine a velour hoodie with jeans or a denim miniskirt for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Socks stand out when worn with a pair of dainty flats and contrasting leggings or stockings. Layering is a popular trendy teen clothing look this season, with contrasting textures and colors in shoes, socks, and stockings making ankle ensembles stand out. Just don't go overboard and wear all your socks at once! Go ahead and wear your high heels, but slip on a pair of bobby socks between your shoes and stockings. Boots are the must-have footwear of the season. They come in all heights and styles (although high boots are especially in right now), from lace-up to buckled to wrap- around. Black is the color of choice for boots. Other popular footwear choices include sneakers in bright colors or animal prints.

Popular accessories tend to be oversized right now- butterfly clips, large watches (especially for guys), chunky bead necklaces and bracelets, wide belts, and improvised belts. Jazz up your outfit with a belt made from a brightly colored scarf! Wide-leg jeans continue to be a great casual look for guys, often combined with a tank top worn under an open button-down shirt. Shorts can be worn instead of jeans. Athletic clothing is popular, as always, but don't be afraid to get a little dressy- the preppy look is in too.

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