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What wallet size do you need

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A wallet should look good on the outside no matter what is on the inside
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Decide what wallet size you need by evaluating your loot and your style

Consider the wallet. Besides being one of the primary default Mother's Day, Fatherís Day, Christmas or birthday presents, itís the gift that keeps on giving Ö at least until the money runs out and the credit cards are maxed.

Everyone has given someone a wallet and most of us have received one. Yet there eventually comes a time either all of your stuff doesn't fit in it or the wallet is too big to fit into your pocket or purse and you decide it's time to get your own.

Which brings you to the question, what size wallet do you need?

Classic billfold

Most searches for a new wallet start with the classic billfold wallet. These can be bi-fold or tri-fold and occasionally have a snap or strap to hold the sides shut.

This size wallet is made for the back packet, although it also fits the front. With a compartment for cash, slots for many credit cards and ID's and clear sleeves for photos, a billfold will be in and out of pockets and purses frequently, so smooth leather or fabric is popular. And if you don't want to walk or sit funny, be careful not to overload it.

Fold-over wallet

If you like carrying your wallet in your coat instead of your purse or pants pocket, consider the breast pocket or fold-over wallet. These are slimmer and longer to be able to accommodate currency and credit cards without creating an unsightly bulge.

Checkbook wallets are slightly larger versions of these with room for a checkbook. For frequent business travelers, this size wallet may be too small. If you carry things like passports, airline tickets, boarding passes or travelers checks, move up in size to the travel or passport wallet. Although larger and thicker than the breast wallet, they can fit in a coat pocket if their not too loaded. Otherwise, this wallet is better suited for the shoulder bag, briefcase or carry-on bag.

Zippered wallet

George Carlin had a classic comedy bit about having a place for his stuff. If you're someone who carries a lot of stuff, the zippered wallet is the size for you. The larger size can accommodate cash, cards and photos along with change, pens, smart phones, keys and whatever else you just can't leave at home. Besides the large, heavy-duty zipper on the outside, many have zippered pockets inside to help keeps things organize.

These zippered wallets may fit in extra-large pockets, but they're large enough to double as a pouchette or small purse. For the really casual look, the can be chained to a belt or belt loop. These zipper wallets come in rugged leather or tough fabric for the casual look, but are also available in rich leather and bright colors for business or formal wear.

Money clip wallet

If you don't have much stuff to carry, a front-pocket or money clip wallet size is perfect. These small wallets don't fold - instead, they have a money clip on one side for bills and a few slots on the other side for credit cards and IDs.

Choose your wallet size carefully because it says a lot about you. And in both cases, it's what's inside that counts. 

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