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What is all-American clothing?

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All American clothing
Wear all-American clothing for a comfortable and stylish look
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Add an all-American style of clothing to your fashion wardrobe

All American clothing is clothing apparel, including accessories, that is 100 percent made and manufactured in America.The clothing is made from high-quality standards and boasts of durability, comfort and versatility to easily add style to your fashion wardrobe. In particular, all American clothing consists of shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, sweats and jackets that are casual and classically comfortable.

There are several American companies that manufacture, process and sell all American clothing pieces and outfits. These companies sell authentic American wear for the young, old, and in-between generations.  

The beginnings of all American clothing may be dated back to 1989 when American Apparel was founded by Dov Charney, an American who was particularly interested in t-shirts and the United States' culture. Hence, the clothing manufacturer American Apparel was born and has grown into one of America's largest retailers.

Based in downtown Los Angeles, California, the company has nearly 300 retail stores in 20 countries. In addition to operating the largest clothing factory in the U.S, stores have recently opened in China as well making All American clothing available worldwide to mass-selling markets.

American Apparel stores are particularly well-known for its classic and basic t-shirts and underwear that are solid in color. Items are usually made from cotton or knitwear, both comfortable materials for relaxing, lounging and normal everyday activities.

All-American clothing has expanded into much more than just basic tee's and sweats however. Companies such as American Apparel offer a range of clothing types and styles from denim, leggings, dresses, pants, tank tops and even accessories such as headbands and jewellery. All clothing styles still maintain the consistent theme of clothes that are casual, comfortable. Clothing may be appropriate for lounging, a quiet night out to the movies or a coffee shop or for a relaxed day at the office.

Another company that wholesales All American clothing styles is American Joe Apparel. This company defines its clothing styles as authentic and classically American. The clothing represents quality, courage, guts and values, all of which are characterics of the American people and culture.

American Joe Apparel offer several types of clothing items. Polo shirts are a classic item offered in America's colors of red, white and blue. Preppy, college styles for the girl and boy next door look are also increasingly common and popular. Such clothing pieces include long-sleeved and vintage jerseys as well as gray, white and black sweatshirts for chilly nights.

The All American Clothing Co. is another well-known company that offers high-quality American-made clothes. Founded in 2002, co-founder Lawson Nickol states that clothing is Made in USA Certified. This certification is from an independent third party that assures products are made in the United States of America. To qualify for the Made in USA certification, the main components of clothing products must have been manufactured in the US as well as 100 percent assembly.

A style that can suit anyone

All American clothing offers such a diverse range of clothing that just about anyone can wear the clothing available. T-shirts, shirts and sweaters are foundations for any wardrobe and can be used for a simple day at work or at home, a relaxed evening in or out or even used a base for layering clothes. You can even jazz up your look and take it from casual to more formal by adding a blazer, leggings and jewelery to a basic tee or changing into a simple knit dress with leggings for a party or family get-together. Try experimenting with pieces and have fun!

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