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What is corset training?

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Colorful corsets are currently in vogue
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Want to whittle your waistline? You may want to explore corset training

Contemporary women have not been overly familiar with corsets because there was no reason for them to be. However, since 2010, this foundation garment has made a resurgence in popularity.

The corset, which many associate with a certain amount of discomfort and a good dose of discipline, was in high fashion during the Civil War years. Gone With the Wind aficionados remember the scene where Scarlett O’Hara attempts to achieve her ‘infamous’ 17 inch waistline, her “Mammy” pulling the strings tighter and tighter on her undergarment as Scarlett clings to a bedpost, wincing.

In ancient times, both men and women attempted to achieve small waists via corsets because it indicated they were an athlete, in good shape or a gentleman -- one who spent time maintaining his physique -- or a lady of leisure.

Up until World War 1, and to a lesser extent after that, this undergarment, in its various incantations, was regularly worn by females. However, the U.S. War Industries Board asked U.S. women to refrain from buying this item in 1917 to free up metal for war production. This liberated approximately 28,000 tons of metal, which equaled the metal needed to build two battleships.

This foundation garment went out of fashion years ago but has once again become derigeur due to high profile celebrities wearing them to whittle down their waists, often after giving birth, and fashion-conscious women with an affinity to the retro, steampunk, alternative and pinup fashion trends. Lingerie lovers have also rediscovered the waist training corset, because they are a beautiful foundation for any fashion, and inherently sexy.

What is This Contraption?

A corset is a tightly fitted, stiffened garment, extending from just below the chest (the breasts) down to the hip. In Latin America, women wear ‘fajas,’ comparable to corsets. American women in centuries past typically wore this garment after giving birth and on a regular basis when the undergarment was in vogue.

What is Corset Training?

Waist training is a way of gradually lessening the size of one’s waist through the regular wearing of this items. Women are opting to wear this garment after childbirth and any time they wish to reduce the size of their waist and belly. The item makes the wearer sweat profusely resulting in lost pounds. Some argue the loss is temporary.

What Does This Achieve?

The objective is to pull in stretched-out muscles. When muscles are weak (from childbirth) they can’t provide needed stability and support around the core of the body. The undergarment lessens strain on joints and ligaments in the lower back, glutes and pelvis, helping the body realign after pregnancy.

Additionally, the stomach becomes smaller because it is compressed so the wearer doesn’t eat as much. A restrictive undergarment doesn’t allow the wearer to eat huge amounts because she becomes uncomfortable, which may account for the weight loss women achieve when routinely donning this undergarment.

What Size Do I Get?

Corsets or steel-boned waist trainers are sized using the waist in inches, along with other measurements, ensuring the best fit and sizing. When the natural waist is under 30 inches, it is advised the waist trainer is four to seven inches smaller than the natural wa

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