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What to wear to bed

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Remember when you used to wear these to sleep in?
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When considering what to wear to bed you have choices from sexy to cozy

Remember, back in the day, when your parents bought your night-time wardrobe? Your options ranged from floor length flannel nightgowns and character shirt and short sets to one-piece footed pjs that zipped up the front. Then you took over your wardrobe planning. Thankfully, when deciding what to wear to bed your options are many and the choices are all yours.


These are all the rage with adults who appreciate their comfort and warmth during those cold winter months. Today's onesies include a hood and are constructed of plush material. It's comparable to being wrapped in a cozy blanket but it can't get kicked off to the side or swiped by your bed partner because you are wearing it.

Choose from flannel onesies, fleece and jersey knit. And, yes, your husband can don one, too. You will both be as snug as a bug in a rug. Turn the thermostat down to save energy and money.

Other Choices

There are other many options in sleepwear, which is a diverse as the shopping community. Sleepwear choices even include embroidered velour pant sets, which are pretty enough to wear outdoors.

If you are a T-shirt and shorts kind of gal, you can find cute sleep wear items online featuring cartoon characters as well as Dr. Seuss and Disney characters. You might think you are too old for this kind of amusing night wear but there is no rule against snoozinging in something fun and playful.

If you are not into cartoon characters, your children or grandchildren probably are. This type of night wear makes a great Christmas or graduation gift.


If lingerie is your cup of tea -- you like looking va-va-voom in the boudoir -- select from a charmeuse and lace long gown or wear a bustier, which might not be that comfortable but they are certainly sexy looking.


A peignoir set consists of a sexy nightgown and matching robe. This has long been the top choice for women who want to look glamorous in the bedroom or while preparing to go out. A peignoir (pronounced pen-war) is a loose dressing gown or negligee.

The literal French translation means a garment worn while coming one's hair. The old French term peignouer meant "a covering worn while dressing." Women often wear a peignoir while putting on their make-up and fixing their hair. Peignoirs are made of lightweight material and are usually transparent. They are worn over a nightgown or negligee. Most women do not wear the peignoir to bed.


A negligee is a sheer, silk and/or lacy nightgown. It barely covers the body so don't expect it to keep you warm.

Men's PJs

Some women like nothing better than sleeping in men's pajamas because they are comfortable and cozy. You can keep on swiping your partner's flannel pjs or you can get men's pjs for yourself.

If you wear a bra when snoozing, as many women do, choose a sports bra, because they are comfortable and are not restrictive.

When it's really chilly outside, you may find yourself wearing a robe to bed. There is nothing much better than snuggling up in a cozy, terry cloth robe.

If you are continuously getting tangled up in your nightgown and engaging in a game of tug-of-war while trying to catch some shut eye you may want to consider switching to pj's or shorts, which stay in place and you don't have to wrestle with.

The sleep wear you choose is a matter of personal preference and what keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Of course, there are those who wear nothing at all. They're probably not reading this article.

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