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What to wear with military boots

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Military boots
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What to wear with military boots to look your best on a cusual day

Boots are comfortable, keep our feet warm and protected, and tend to last longer than most other shoe brands. They're tough, rugged, and, for the most part, dependable.

But when it comes to proper fashion etiquette, how does one -- male or female -- create that perfect wardrobe to compliment their shoe choice? In essence, what to wear with military boots?

Below, we'll take a look at a few simple options for both men and women when it comes to creating that perfect, stylish, and ever-lasting look! 

For Men

Most of the male species spends about as much time thinking about fashion as they do about whether they're going to see the next Reese Witherspoon movie. Most men don't spend much time worrying about fashion trends to put it bluntly.

Fortunately, for the male species, fashion tends to be about a simple pairing a shirt, pants, and shoes to match, applying some underarm deodorant in globs, and spraying yourself with Axe body spray as if you were trying to fend off West Nile Virus. For men, it's just easier.

Jeans tend to go with everything. In order for the shoes not to garishly stand out, simply match jean color to a similar boot color. Remember:
  • For black or brown shoes be sure to pair them with dark denim jeans
  • For those rocking lighter colored military boots, try a lighter variation of jeans to match
Now, for shirts to match a more casual shoe choice, try:
  • Button-down shirts
  • Regular old T-shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Cardigans, and more!
For a higher quality shoe, pair with a nicer pair of brown or black slacks. Shirts to pair with a fancier shoe may include:
  • Sweater vests
  • More dressed up button-down shirts
  • A pea coat to help complete the classy and stylish look

Some alternatives to coats can be a lighter jacket, like a vest, leather jacket, or military jacket, as well. In many instances, it should be a simple and quick process for men in order to find the perfect compliment, in terms of shoes, for their outfit.

For Women

On the flip side, much of the female species spends about as much time thinking about proper fashion as they do about whether they're going to see that next Reese Witherspoon movie. Namely, they think about these things a lot.

And for women, it can be a more challenging operation to correctly pair new boots with a complimentary outfit before heading out on the town. So, for the more casual subset, try:
  • The newest pair matched with cuffed boyfriend jeans, a tank top or T-shirt to balance the lower half. And for an even more stylish and easy going appeal, top the whole thing off with a fedora.

To really go all-out, mix together:

  • Lacy socks or knee-highs
  • A floral dress or skirt
  • A sheer white top with a denim vest/jacket thrown in for good measure
  • Add in some accessories like a stylish belt or handbag to complete the look
Obviously, an easy way to figure out what to wear with military boots is to pair them with other military-inspired gear. In order to not look as if you've actually gone and enlisted, make sure to make certain alterations and/or changes to the look in order to add the necessary amount of femininity as well as distinguish yourself from others by being your quirky self and letting that shine through.


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