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What your t-shirt says about you

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A t-shirt is a walking billboard so think about what your t-shirt says about you

Your t-shirt says volumes about you, so be careful what you choose to wear on your chest and your back. You may unknowingly incite a riot!

Think about what your t-shirt says about you. T-shirts that have expressions, sayings and irreverent or reverent comments on them are a wardrobe staple of many. But what is it saying to the world about what you think, where you've been and how you live.

A t-shirt is rather like a car bumper sticker. It goes wherever you go and a lot of people are going to read the message.

Many of the messages imprinted on t-shirts are benign. I am a grandfather. I am retired. I love fishing. And this surely is not going to be objectionable to anyone -- but keep in mind that those funky, smart alecky t-shirts that your upstart kids or perverse friends from work gave you on the day you retired or turned 50 might not go over well. Especially if you wear the sarcastic or even inflammatory shirt to McDonald’s, picking up the kids on the playground or to church, for that matter.

T-shirts can be ice-breakers. Someone may read the message on your back and strike up a conversation with you, laughing at what she has just read. Pet t-shirts, nature t-shirts and holiday t-shirts all resonate with the people you encounter during your day. Dog lovers can spot other dog lovers and gun lovers can identify others who love guns.

T-shirts can reveal that you are a pacifist or vegetarian or passionate about the environment or grouchy and want to be left alone. In other words, imprinted t-shirts can be a turn-off or a turn on depending on what is written on your shirt and who your audience is.

Most people have t-shirts in their closet, some dating back to their high school or college days. Yes, I was a McClain Tiger or, yes, I went to UCLA. This is another way of connecting with other people. You are miles away from home, perhaps even in another country, and sporting a UCLA t-shirt. Someone comes up to you and reports that they, too, went to UCLA. This is the fun part about wearing t-shirts that have emblems or logos that others can recognize. There is instant rapport.

A t-shirt that has been imprinted can identify you with a group or organization. It shows that you are member of something. If you are a part of the community music festival, for example, you and your co-workers should wear t-shirts saying so. This is an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your event and, of course, you can continue wearing the t-shirt long after the festival is over with. That is killing two birds with one stone.

If your favorite t-shirt is tattered and torn, splattered with bleach spots and the color of mud this says that you, perhaps, need to retire it. Enshrine it if you must or use it for a cleaning rag. Yes, we all understand attachments but sometimes you have just got to let go. Do it before your mother or wife stealthily grabs the t-shirt in the dark of night and disposes of it in the dumpster. Buy yourself another t-shirt. In time you will become equally fond of it.

T-shirts are as pervasive as blue jeans. They generally last forever and are worn long after they should be because people become very fund of them and what they represent. It is hard to let go of a time in their life that they love reliving, or an event that they attended or where a part of.

A t-shirt is a great, personalized gift to give someone on their birthday or for Christmas. There person who receives an imprinted t-shirt must keep in mind what he is wearing. Once an imprinted tee is on, the wearer can’t see what it says and may forget altogether that he is a walking billboard for …. heaven only knows what.

The saying on a t-shirt may be cute and clever. It may give your family a chuckle when it is worn in the privacy of your home. Think twice before venturing out in a t-shirt that may be controversial. Of course, if you like fanning the flames then go ahead and venture forth.

World-wide there is a universal love for t-shirts. They are comfortable and casual -- although they can be dressed up. They can be worn under a sweater for added warmth or alone during the heat of summer. When a t-shirt is well made it will last for years and years.

Bravo for t-shirts!

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