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When to wear support stockings

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Gotcha! These ARE support hose!
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Do your legs a favor and wear support stockings. Your legs will love you.

Nurses, who spend 12-hour shifts on their feet, clamoring up and down endless hospital corridors, have long known when to wear support stockings; they know that support hose are their salvation.

Not only do these stockings help prevent varicose and spider veins, but they reduce swelling and leg fatigue, giving your legs the support they need to keep holding you up.

Women and men can develop spider and varicose veins at any age, but the older you are and the more pregnancies you have experienced, the more likely they are to appear. If veins are your problem, wear support stockings that gradually compress your legs. These support stockings push the blood out of the veins in your legs. Spider veins can transition into varicose veins, which are painful and unsightly. Wearing compression support stockings may prevent varicose veins. Your support stockings should, ideally, have a compression level of eight or higher.

Some women are not afflicted with leg veins but suffer with tired, heavy feeling, sluggish legs because they have been on their feet too long. If you stand or walk on concrete or hard surfaces all day long this is going to make your legs, feet and your back hurt. If you sit too long, this is hard on your legs as well. Knowing when to wear support hose to re-direct the blood flow in your legs, will alleviate leg pain and fatigue. Compression stockings are made so that they boost your circulation and markedly improve the flow of blood, which is going to increase your energy level.

Wearing compression stockings that are graduated means that the hose compress the surface vein at a specific pressure, starting with the highest pressure being applied to the ankle and lesser pressure applied as the hose moves upward. Because blood pools in the lower leg and feet, when a person has varicose veins, support stockings counteract this by forcing more blood into the deep vein system, which reduces swelling and pain.

If you sit at a desk all day long, this can cause blood to pool in the veins in your legs, which can result in spider or varicose veins as well as leg fatigue. Support stockings come in fashionable styles that can be worn with skirts, dresses or under slacks.

No one is going to know by looking that you are wearing support stockings. Furthermore, it is none of their business. You will get the last laugh because you will be out tangoing past midnight while the rest of the non-support stocking wearing ladies are at home with a heating pad wrapped around their aching calves.

When you have poor circulation, your legs and feet can become very cold. In fact, they may get so cold that they become numb and tingle. Compression support stockings will boost your circulation, which will help prevent cold feet and legs. The stockings put gentle pressure on your veins, which keeps the blood flowing. When to wear support stockings is especially when the weather is cold.

Support stockings are not thick and ugly looking as they once were. They have come a long way, baby. Support stockings come in different lengths, including full, as in hosiery; knee high and ankle length, as well as in different colors and textures. They are fashionable looking.

As many as 80 percent of all pregnant women develop varicose veins. Early in your pregnancy, start wearing graduated support hosiery to help ward off this development.

If you are confined to a bed or a wheelchair, wear compression stockings. If you are undergoing surgery, you will be fitted with compression support stockings, which you will wear during the procedure and for a while afterward to prevent blood clots from forming.

Some women simply have chronically tired and achy legs and feet and would benefit from support stockings. Others who benefit from wearing support hose are those who are overweight; those suffering from edema, which is swelling; those with mild lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

When taking long air flights or car rides wear your support stockings. Blood clots sometimes form in the legs when an individual has been seated in the same position for several hours.

Do your legs a favor: Buy support stockings and wear them religiously. You will not regret it.

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