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Cottage Cheese Pie
Cottage cheese pie is one of the recipes you can find, if you know where to look
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Learn the easiest ways of how to find a recipe by going online

Whether we are cooking for ourselves or for a party, we always want to make the best dishes we possibly can. Sometimes the way to cook a particular food is passed down from generation to generation on an index card or in a home made recipe book. At other times, you might have tasted a recipe you loved as a child but you never were told what was used in making it. 

Knowing how to find a recipe has never been easier thanks to the Internet age. There are any number of different websites that have all kinds of different food prep techniques. What kind of food you are looking to make is really the best way to determine which site to go with. is one of the sites where you can find all kinds of different dishes with excellent instructions in how to prepare them. Of course, the site does more than just list a number of different dishes, there is also a whole set of menus you can download or print off that will allow you to set your entire week's lunches and dinners. There are also a great number of dishes that can be made for special occasions. 

An added bonus of this site is that there are many videos that show you more than how to make something. There are also videos that will help you perfect certain techniques, such as frosting the perfect cupcake.

Being able to see exactly how a recipe is supposed to turn out is nice, especially when you've never made the dish before. The site actually offers two different levels of membership and while you can join the site as a free member, and have access to many different ways to keep track of the dishes you love most, you can also pay a monthly fee and get access to the menu planner and well as grocery list application. This helps you prepare better for those bigger meals.

Another site that allows for a great range of recipe hunting is This site has a ton of dishes, and there is the ability to read how to create your favorite food as well as watch a master do it first.

What sets Epicurious apart is that it is far more "community based" and members can submit their own recipes to be reviewed for the site, or merely to store them for later reference. You can also subscribe to the Bon Appetit magazine through the site and get plenty of cooking ideas offline as well.

If you are looking for some of the best tasting dishes in the world, then one site you can head to is the Food Network's website.

Here you won't have foods that have been prepared by people out in the community, but you will get things that are made by Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay and a host of other network personalities.

This site is like most others in that it is easy to navigate and has a wide range of different foods you can prepare. The food is separated into different meals, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner and there are also seasonal foods that should only be enjoyed on Christmas or Thanksgiving or Valentine's day. Cakes and cookies, pies and candies are all offered up here and most if not all have been prepared by the experts you can watch cooking every day.

There are plenty of other sites out on the web that you can go to find what you are looking for. A simple Google search will bring you hundreds of different websites. The ones listed above however, are the best of the best and should be your first stop when you're on the hunt.

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