How to grill ribs on a gas grill

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Great smokey ribs off the grill
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Impress your taste buds and learn how to grill ribs on a gas grill

Looking for meat that is succulent, delicious and dripping with exquisite flavor? If so, you don't have to go far. In fact, all you need to do is take a trip to your backyard. How so? By learning how to grill ribs on a gas grill. So grab a few drinks, invite some friends over and have a great time noshing on food so yummy, everyone will want to pay you for it.

Cooking Technique

Delicious meat of this nature cooks best using the “low and slow” method, meaning cooking slowly at a low temperature. Because of this, some cooks choose to prepare their meat in smokers; however, you can get the same results by using your gas grill.

Using cooking devices of this nature are perfect for this type of meat because you can literally throw it on the rack and forget about it – you will get an even cooking temperature that will last until you are done cooking. Charcoal, on the hand, requires lots of work as you constantly have to adjust the bricks to ensure you are getting an even cooking temperature. Not being careful will likely result in burned meat, which is never a good idea.

If you're worried you won't get that smokey flavor this type of meat is known for, don't. As the juices drip down into the heat, they will vaporize and turn into smoke, flavoring the food. You can also devise your own wood chip box, which will infuse your cuisine with all that savory smoke flavor.

Do so by placing wood chips into an aluminum pan. Cover the pan with aluminum foil, then use your knife to create lots of holes. Now all you need to do is place it on the back of a rack while cooking your meat. This little trick makes your meat taste seriously smokey.

Cooking Technique

After all this talk about cooking that tender meat, your mouth is probably watering and you want to get on with it. So, here goes. Unfortunately, you can't just pop the meat out of the package and start cooking right away. Well, you can, but it won't taste as good. Instead, a little prep work is in order.

Start by rinsing the meat with cold water. Then you'll need to remove the silver membrane from the ribs, using your hands or a butter knife. Rinse again when it is gone and pat the meat dry with a paper towel.

Infusing flavor into the meat is a necessity, and you can do so with a rub. Seasoning rub combines a variety of different spices to create a mouth-watering product. Rubbing this onto your meat while it is raw allows the rub to really add flavor. You can buy pre-made rub at the store or online, or you can make your own.

Coat both sides of the meat with the rub and allow it to sit about 15 or 20 minutes. While they are marinating, turn on your cooking device. Turn on one burner and allow the temperature to come up to 300 or 310 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place your homemade smoke box over the flames, and your meat in front of it, out of direct heat. Place the meat rib-side up and allow it to cook for 90 minutes. Flip the food and allow it to cook for another 60 to 90 minutes. The exact cooking time depends on how big your ribs are, so you'll have to keep checking for doneness.

You'll know the meat is done when the bones start to stick out at the ends. Additionally, if you pick the meat up from one end and it folds over on itself, there's a good chance it is ready to be enjoyed.

You can now leave the meat as it is, or baste it in your favorite barbeque sauce – either way is delicious. If you choose to add sauce, you'll need to let the meat cook for another five to 10 minutes after you baste, flipping the meat as you go.

When you know how to grill ribs on a gas grill, you'll never want to buy them again because they are that good. So go ahead and throw on your chef hat and get cooking!


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