How to do rotisserie chicken

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rotisserie chicken
You can cook rotisserie chicken on just about any type of grill
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Knowing how to do rotisserie chicken can save you money and please your pallet

Does poultry please your pallet? Are you looking for meat that is juicy, tender and dripping with flavor? If so, you should learn how to do rotisserie chicken. This preparation creates a smokey taste that is fairly healthy and enticing. Fortunately, learning how to do so is simple and fun.

The Tools

As its name implies, you'll need a rotisserie grill to prepare the meat in this manner. This tool simply holds the food, and turns it slowly so that it is cooked evenly on all sides, allowing you to get crispy skin and tender meat.

This type of grill tool typically fits over your charcoal, gas or infrared grill, which further infuses the meat with flavor, since grilling gives your meat a distinct, delicious taste.

Additionally, cooking on a grill allows you to be outside while doing so, which enhances the entire experience.


You could always take your meat out of the package and place it right on the grill; however, you won't get the best taste you could. All it takes is a little prep work and you can have meat that is exquisitely flavored.

You must baste the poultry throughout the process, to continually infuse flavor while it is soaking up the heat, so make sure you have a good meat baster on hand before you start. Preparing the meat and basting liquid is fairly quick and easy, but worth the little effort it takes.

Start by removing the whole chicken from its packaging. Rinse under cold water to refresh, then pat dry with a paper towel.

For the ultimate, unmasked poultry flavor, simply season the inside of your bird with a pinch of salt.The most flavorful results come from a whole natural chicken from a trusted poultry farm.

If you want more rotisserie flavor, however, you can concoct your own rub. Mix 2 tbsp. each of paprika and garlic powder with tsp. of pepper, 1- tsp. of onion powder and 1 tsp. of salt. Add tsp. of cayenne powder if you want a little kick of heat.

Add a small amount of water to the seasonings until you form a paste. Place the mixture in your hands and work it over the skin and on the inside of the bird. If you're feeling queasy about touching raw meat, put some gloves on. Either way, wash your hands with soap and water when done.

For the basting liquid, combine cup of melted butter with 1 tsp. each of salt, pepper and paprika.Add a little chicken or vegetable broth to extend your basting liquid.


Now that your bird is prepped and ready, you can go ahead and start cooking. Turn on your grill and allow it to preheat at the medium setting. You don't want to place your bird in a cold grill, as it will increase your cooking time and may not give you evenly cooked meat.

Insert the bird onto the prongs, then allow the rotisserie to begin to spin slowly. Carefully baste your chicken with the liquid, using a small brush try not to knock off any of the rub paste. Close the lid on your grill and allow the bird to cook for 1 to 1 hours, or until it reaches an internal cooking temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check the meat's temperature by sticking a cooking thermometer into the thigh. Baste the meat about every half hour, and you'll have skin that is crunchy and golden, and meat that is juicy and delicious.

Let the bird sit for about ten minutes, then remove it from the prongs and start carving. Once you know how to do rotisserie chicken, you'll never go for the store-bought version again.

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