Low calorie healthy recipes

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A healthy lifestyle includes low calorie recipes, spiced with exercise
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Eating in low calorie fashion using healthy recipes ensures diet success

The quest to attain a satisfying level of fitness is one that many people pursue by including an array of low calorie healthy recipes as a part of their diet. The sweet spot on the scale is an exotic destination for those who are overweight. Weight loss is a concern for thousands of folks whose enjoyment of food and drink hinges on the number of calories they ingest. If that includes you, relax. Take a deep breath. Make the preparation of low calorie healthy recipes a pleasant activity. Focus on breakfast and lunch. Collect some basic supplies such as a calorie guidebook and a small scale for weighing ingredients. Make nutritious dishes that taste good. Available today is an amazing array of lead free, dishwasher safe, handmade stoneware that ensures even baking for meats, grain-based or vegetable-based low calorie healthy recipes. The vessels also keep foods warm for a considerable time—a factor appreciated when this type of handmade stoneware makes its way to the dinner table.

Today, low calorie healthy recipes are easier than ever to prepare. When it comes to counting calories, the use of low calorie healthy recipes goes a long way toward generating a sense of accomplishment and maintaining an optimistic outlook on life—and food. Live well, eat right, love life—that’s a good way to spend every day.

Some tricks for cutting calories

There are some tricks learned the hard way by those who once were overweight and now are proud of their success. Have a hearty breakfast and lunch. Eat light at dinner. Maintain a well stocked supply of herbs and spices. Today, it’s easy to find an attractive, space-saving spice rack that mounts under a cabinet or stands demurely on a counter. Dozens of herbs and spices can be kept close at hand, yet out of the way, when one uses a space-saving spice rack. Other tips are easy.

• Leave vegetables rough-cut to add bulk
• Add fiber from healthy sources such as wheat germ
• Chew every bite until the mouthful liquefies
• Eat slowly; try using chop sticks to pick up each bite

Morning delight: Combine in a saucepan 1 small onion (50 calories), rough chopped, 1 stick of celery (20), rough chopped, 1 tablespoon dried parsley, 1 tablespoon dried basil and 1 teaspoon of paprika. Sauté everything until tender in a skillet moistened with 1 tablespoon olive oil (125). Remove from pan and cool. Scramble in a bowl 1 egg (75). Combine the egg mixture and the cooled veggies. Add 2 tablespoons of wheat germ (50). Return mixture to frying pan and cook. When mixture solidifies and is done enough to turn over in one piece, flip to other side and finish cooking. Slide out of pan onto 1 slice of toasted cracked-wheat bread (65). Total calories: 385.

Lunch on the run: Combine 1 cup roasted, shredded chicken breast (140), 1 ripe Bartlett pear (100), cubed or thin sliced, 1 sliced banana (105) and ½ cup slivered almonds (35). Mix together and moisten if desired with 1 tablespoon imitation mayonnaise (35) dressing. Fold into 1 pita bread (165). Total calories: 580.

Treat yourself now and then

Few can limit their intake to low calorie healthy recipes day in and day out, year after year. Treat yourself as if you are your prized possession. Why not indulge in a massage, instead of a chocolate pie? Or, at least, give yourself the royal treatment at home by learning how to exfoliate skin or perform other beauty treatments.

Add to the glow of your healthier skin by indulging frequently in cool drinks of water—enough to equal eight glasses a day. Water helps provide a feeling of fullness while also providing hydration. Low calorie healthy recipes work better when a feeling of fullness already has been accomplished through drinking a glass of water.

Eating right helps increase longevity

Eat right. Live longer. The doctors say it, all the time. Most people can benefit from increasing their use of low calorie healthy recipes. Concerns over obesity are well publicized by all kinds of experts. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued numerous cautions, citing today’s “obesogenic” social atmosphere as one rife with junk food and a lack of physical activity. An informative CDC report on obesity reveals some ugly truths. Combating obesity on a personal level and extending one’s own lifespan well may begin with indulging more often in low calorie healthy recipes.

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