Easter activities for children

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Easter eggs
painting Easter eggs is a great activity
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Easter activities for children combine religious symbols and seasonal tradition

While Easter is, at its heart, a religious holiday, there are quite a few tie-ins that are geared specifically toward making it a fun holiday for kids. Obviously, getting candy and waiting for the Easter Bunny to come are fun for the kids but they don't really count as activities -- unless you are using the very loose definition.

One of the all time great Easter activities for kids is dying hard-boiled or blown eggs. There are a couple of different ways you can color Easter eggs. Some people love the old-time way of coloring eggs by using dye that comes in liquid bottles. If you want to do the activity, but bring it into the 21st century you can use one of the many egg-dying kits available in most stores.

You and your kids can have a grand old time deciding how you want to decorate the eggs, using dyes, or stickers or crayons and markers. There are a hundred different ways you can turn this activity into something that has your family's very own unique stamp on it. Then of course you hide the eggs -- and on Easter the fun begins when the hunt starts.

Make Easter baskets

In the same vein as coloring eggs, another activity that you can do with your kids is to actually make the Easter baskets you are going to use.

Making an Easter basket is another craft that you can do with your kids pretty easily. There are levels of detail you can go into, just like coloring the eggs themselves. The most basic of baskets can be crafted simply by getting a pre-made basket and have the kids make the lining. They can cut up paper, or use some other kind of filler like raffia.

You can also make a woven basket that is actually woven using strips of paper. Once again, the paper should be construction paper. The sturdiness of the construction paper makes it easier to actually weave the paper together and make a basket. Fancy papers or strips cut from wallpaper also work. Try using paper from heavy-weight and colorful print catalogs.

Make egg holders

You can also have your children actually make the egg holders that you will use to allow the dyed or painted eggs to dry out.

This isn't a particularly difficult craft to master. For the egg holder, you can just get some colored construction paper. Let your kids decorate however they want using stickers, glitter and markers and then you can basically just make a ring of paper to create the holder. Use construction paper because it is going to be a bit stronger than regular paper.

Make theme puppets

One of the activities you can do for Easter that is fun and that has a religious education component, is to make sock puppets that are Easter-themed. You can help your kids put on a little play with a spiritual message. To celebrate the religious message of Easter, your children can put on a scene from the Bible that depicts faith, rebirth and belief. 

Have your children stage the play when family comes over on Easter Sunday. Make this an annual event that can be passed down to the next generation rather easily.

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