Where are free stuffed animal patterns

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Teddy bears are the best kind of stuffed animals to put together
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Here is a list of where there are free stuffed animal patterns

Growing up, almost everyone can remember a special connection they had with one kind of stuffed animal or another. Whether talking about a teddy bear or a little baby doll or some other kind of animal, we all had a stuffed toy that we turned to when were scared or sad or just wanted a friend to play with. An entire, incredibly popular comic series is devoted to a little boy who sees his stuffed tiger as being so real, that they go on all kinds of different adventures.

The only thing better than going out and buying our little loved ones a stuffed animal they can hug and love and cherish is to make them one. The love put into actually building your child a toy that they can carry with them is something that you will want to experience first hand.

In order to put together the perfect stuffed animal you need to find the right pattern. The best part is that there are plenty of free stuffed animal patterns out there so you can get the one that is just perfect for your needs.


All is just one of the many sites that allows you to find patterns for all kinds of different stuffed toys. This particular site has patterns that you can make for a lot of generic looking animals and dolls. The patterns aren't particularly high end, which might actually be good if it turns out you aren't a particularly skilled seamstress or or tailor.

More than just patterns, this site also has the directions on how to put a couple of different patterns together, basically taking you the whole way towards getting a complete stuffed animal.

Sewing Support

Sewing Support is actually a bit of a step up from All Crafts. The site boasts 201 free stuffed animal patterns. Most of these particular patterns are in a PDF format that is easily downloadable and will tell you everything you need to do in order to put them together. These stuffed toys seem a little more high quality than at All Crafts but these are all patterns that are crowdsourced, so the quality of the patterns actually vary a little bit depending on how difficult and detailed the stuffed toys actually are.

Sewing Freebies

Sewing Freebies is another site that offers up a ton of great free patterns that people can download and/or print out. This particular site is actually one that deals with sewing a lot more than just toys and teddy bears. This particular site will give you patterns for all kinds of different things and that means you can make your loved ones a great new teddy bear and yourself an apron or some other kind of clothing at the same time.

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