How to make a Christmas wreath

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Floral elements and berries can be added to a homemade Christmas wreath to bring out its full beauty.
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Create a homemade Christmas wreath that will brighten your home

The circular shape of a Christmas wreath symbolizes for many people eternal love—love with no end and no beginning. The circle mimics the shape of the sun and imparts a warm feeling of connection among friends and family. A Christmas wreath is easy to make and the variations in composition materials are just about endless. A Christmas wreath can be made from supplies found in almost any home, back yard, crafts shop or supermarket.


Build upon a round wreath frame


The foundation for a Christmas wreath can be a bound-straw foundation, a circle of plastic or a Styrofoam frame purchased at a crafts store. The expense of a special purchase can be avoided, however, if the frame is made from something found at home. All that's really needed is something round and sturdy that will keep its circular shape as layers of decorative materials are added. What do you have in the basement, garage or kitchen?


• A circular metal rim from an old lampshade

• The round wire cover from an unused desk fan

• A stiff cardboard circle from a frozen pizza

• A round aluminum serving tray

• The shallow lid of a round cookie tin


All of these adapted wreath frames can be camouflaged with green or red spray paint—or left bare to gloriously showcase the added dimension of innovative recycling—using an already useful item in a new way.


Attach decorative layers of greenery to the frame with some green florist's tape, clear nylon fishing line—or red, green or gold cord. The side of the wreath that people will see can be layered with overlapping evergreen branches, holly sprigs with their shiny green leaves and red berries or wild plants materials. Attach a hangar—a loop of wire or cord—to the frame before covering it.


Long, pliable strands from grapevines, morning glories and weeping willow trees lend themselves well to wrapping the frame. Of course, folks with no time for crafts and no inclination to tromp the woods in search of bindweed easily can find elsewhere a fragrant and colorful assortment of stunning decorative wreaths that visitors will love.



Add some edible elements for added impact


A Christmas wreath of fragrant greenery is simple and beautiful. It is reflection of nature at its best. Nevertheless, adornments of many kinds can add visual impact and an added dimension of neighborliness. Consider where the wreath is to be hung. Will it be on the front door where rain and snow might make contact? Is it for an interior space where more fragile accessories will be safe?


Outdoor wreaths can be further decorated with durable items like shiny foil bows or glued-on walnuts sprayed with artificial snow. Try some wrapped candy canes that are well anchored to the frame. Another colorful touch is added with a garland of cranberries or holly berries. Pierce the berries with a thin knitting needle or other implement and string them; then wrap the frame with the berry garland.


Indoor wreaths can be accessorized with some colorful and delicious adornments. A garland of gumdrops is an eye-catcher. Pom-poms made of clusters of wrapped peppermints or butterscotch candies are suitable—and tempting to passersby. Don't be surprised if a few go missing as the season progresses.


Options abound for wreaths without greenery


Don't like green? Want something different? There is an appealing Christmas wreath design waiting to please anyone's tastes. Folks who may not want a traditional green wreath have lots of options. Beautiful and texturally interesting wreaths can be designed from many materials. Make a circle of red and white poinsettia for a visual treat. Try some non-traditional materials, just for fun.


• Pine cones, acorns and other seed pods

• Braided lengths of bright red yarn

• Popcorn balls wrapped in cellophane

• Lemons and limes, pierced and joined

• Pom-poms of foil gift wrap, joined together

• Clusters of wrapped peppermints

• Mittens or gloves, stuffed and stitched together


Add some fragrance with spices and oils


An enticing aroma can envelope your wreath. Imagine walking past your beautiful Christmas wreath and catching a whiff of cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves. It's easy to add fragrance to any wreath. Make a little pouch out of decorative netting or other sheer fabric. Fill the pouch with the spices. Make several and attach with gold ribbon to the finished wreath. Or, if you would like the scented sachet to be hidden, tuck it into the back of the wreath or flatten it and hide it between the wreath's layers. All that will remain is the fragrance and the beauty of your special Christmas wreath—plus the warm memories of yet another wonderful holiday.

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