Christmas crafts for kids - make Christmas cards

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christmas cards
Christmas crafts are so much fun for children. Make homemade Christmas cards to celebrate the holidays!
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Christmas crafts are a great way to celebrate the season

Christmas is just around the corner. Now is a great time to do Christmas crafts and a perfect choice is to make homemade cards. There are lots of Christmas crafts that kids can do, they may just need a little help with cutting or using a hot glue gun – or other tasks (use your best judgement and the guidelines for appropriate age on any crafting materials).

Christmas crafts are a great way to celebrate the season. This project is best done when you have an afternoon – at least an hour and a half of time. Also allow for time to let the cards to dry before sending them out. Christmas crafts are a wonderful way for children to participate in Christmas and to get into the spirit of giving that is so well known at Christmastime. They will be so proud to give something that they have made themselves.

Your child will have a ball making Christmas cards and then sending them out to their family members and friends. No doubt Santa will probably get one of these cards also!

Homemade cards are easy to make, there are a variety of ways to do so. Even little ones can make cards, they can color a holiday themed picture and put stickers on a card. Or they can use rubber stamps – or even potato stamps (which are a lot of fun for little kids). So here are some ideas for cards to get you started.

To Make Crafty Christmas Cards For this craft you will need: - blank cards or construction paper - rubber stamps and ink pads - markers and/or crayons - optional: stickers and/or glitter

Kids can make homemade cards with blank cards or construction paper and draw their favorite holiday scenes or objects (Christmas trees, candy canes, ice skaters). Or they can write a message in glitter and use stickers. Just get creative!

Do your kids love stamping? Consider making potato stamps! Another way to do this craft is to make stamps out of potatoes. Cut potatoes in half and then cut the shape your child would like to stamp (a star, a tree, a heart). You can do this on the blank cards, or you can do this on the construction paper. If you are using construction paper, begin by folding a regular 8 ½ x 11" sheet of paper into four pieces. Stamp on only one side of the paper. This is so your design will show on the front of the card, and so your card will fit into an envelope. Use regular non-toxic paint and stamp the potato onto the paper. Create a design.

To make cards with construction paper, your child can make as many as they want with construction paper, or they can make one card with regular paper and then you can take it to a print shop and have the printer copy this card as many copies as you need. Consider getting it done on red or green paper for that festive look.

Other ideas for cards:

Stencils can be a great idea for children to use while making cards. You can find holiday stencils at most large craft stores (and of course, at smaller craft stores...).

Stickers can also be fun for children to use when creating cards. These are especially good with little children. They can have fun practicing their letters and then putting stickers on cards.

Glitter is also a lot of fun to put on cards. You can also find glitter pens, that have a combination of glitter and glue. Yes, it can get a little messy, so you will want to keep an eye on this. But glitter is so festive and so holiday! Your children can really have fun with this.

Cutting snowflakes in white paper and gluing it onto red or green construction paper. This can make very pretty cards. This is a great craft especially if your child is getting used to using scissors because snowflakes are so much fun to make, they always come out differently.

The nicest thing about Christmas crafts is that you can share them with others. Send these Christmas cards to your family and friends and other special loved ones in your life. Homemade Christmas cards are certainly the type of thing that people will hold onto for a very long time.

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