Christmas crafts - part 2

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christmas tree and ornaments
A wonderful way to engage all members of the family in holiday preparations.
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Christmas crafts made easy

1. Pretzel Wreath A fun gift idea or a great Christmas decoration. This is not edible, so watch your kids to make certain they don't eat the decorations!

Materials :

Pretzels (The smaller ones work best) Glue Ribbon Instructions:

Glue pretzels together so they form a circle -like a wreath. Glue a second layer on top of that making sure the pretzels on this layer meet in the center of a pretzel on the bottom layer. Hang with a ribbon. This easy to make wreath will be a sure winner on your list of Christmas crafts.

2. Pine cone wreath

Use these easy to follow instructions to make a wreath using pine cones and a wire coat hanger. It ]s sure to brighten any wall or door in your home. Kids of all ages will have fun making this.


8 Pine Cones (approximate) Wire Coat Hanger Duct Tape Items to decorate your wreath Glue Instructions: Cut the wire coat hanger in half and form it into a circle. Wind the two ends together. I them secured the ends and covered the entire circle with duct tape. This held it together better and gave the pine cones a better surface to stick to! Once you have your circle formed, glue on the pine comes (a hot glue gun worked best for me). Decorate as desired. I added a ribbon and holly made out of crafting Foam. A added red beads for the holly berries.

If you want a larger wreath, just do not cut the wire hanger in half! This will be another favorite to add to your file of Christmas crafts.<

3. Pine Cone Angel A fun gift idea or even a great Christmas tree ornament. Let your children help you make this delightful ornament.


Pine Cone Paint 1 inch Wooden Ball Head 1 - 2 Inch Wide Lace Silver Pipe Cleaner Doll Hair, Yarn, Etc. Glue Instructions:

The pine cone will be the angel's body. Paint it whatever color you like. White, gold or silver look exceptionally good.

Once the paint is dry, glue the wooden ball onto the pointy side of the pine cone. You might be lucky enough to be able to simply slide the hole in the wooden ball onto the tip on the pine cone. You can paint the ball/head if you like, or use it as is.

For the wings, cut two 6 inch pieces of lace. Lay them on the table so the gathered edges are together and pinch them in the middle.

Your little angel will make a nice gift for someone. You can even try to find a 'Guardian Angel' poem to go with it! Or, place it on your own tree and take pride in your accomplishment as an expert Christmas crafts designer!

4. A key for Santa A wonderful idea for homes without a fireplace! Children's faces will light up on Christmas morning to discover the key "has been used!"


Old skeleton Key Holiday print ribbon Gold cording Instructions:

Tie a bow using the holiday print ribbon around the top of the skeleton key. Tie a loop out of the cording so that you are able to hang the key over a door knob.

Hang the Santa key outside the front door on Christmas Eve so that Santa can get into the house and deliver his gifts. When the kids go to sleep, place the key next the empty plate of cookies and put some cookie crumbs and black ink finger prints on the ribbon. Children love this ritual, and this is a good way to let your kids believe in Santa, and do something together. Be sure to include this one in your list of quick and easy to make Christmas crafts.

NOTE: Here is a poem that can be used with the key:

We don't have a chimney for you to climb through, But if you don't visit our house I don't know what I'll do.

Some say you are magic and can use any old key As long as we hang it out in a place you're sure to see.

So we're leaving this old key right outside our door Saying our prayers, jumping in bed, and we won't worry anymore.

Happy Holidays!

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