Easy valentine crafts

By Lynn Richardson
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It's that time of year when thoughts turn to matters of the heart.

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Here are some simple valentine crafts

Tissue Heart Picture Instructions for making a fun heart picture using tissue paper. One of the many valentine crafts available to you online. Craft supplies and ideas are abundant on the Web.

Materials: Tissue Paper Glue Paint Brush Construction Paper Instructions:

Cut a variety of heart shapes out of tissue paper. In a small container, mix one part glue with one part water. Use a paint brush and spread glue on a piece of white paper. Arrange the tissue paper hearts on the glue as desired, but make the hearts overlapping. Add the glue and hearts to a small section of the white paper at a time. Once your hearts are placed on the glue, add more glue as needed so the hearts are completely covered. When done, set aside and let the glue dry.

When the glue is dry, cut the white paper around the hearts. Leave about 1/4 inch of white showing around the edges. Mount your picture on black, pink, or purple paper. Voila! A perfect valentine decoration or gift to someone you love.

Cupid Takes Aim - This one will delight the young and old alike! Directions:

Take a piece of colored construction paper, cut out several paper hearts that you will turn into arrow heads for your cupid's arrows. Then cut out about a three inch by 2 inch piece of paper and fringe it (cut into it along one side to about 1/2 inch away from the other side of the paper- this with be the arrow feather for your arrow. For the base of the arrow, take a pipe cleaner and attach the arrow heads and arrow feathers to each of the ends. Next to make a quiver- take a large tall plastic or paper cup. Cover it in red tissue paper; tape a piece of ribbon about twice as long as the cup to the top and bottom of it. Decorate the quiver with hearts and whatever you wish- let it dry and place the arrows inside.

Another one of the simple, but attractive (and useful) valentine crafts:

Heart Bookmarker

Materials: Jumbo Craft Sticks White, Pink Craft Foam Hole Punch (heart shapes are fun!) Scissors, Pinking Shears 5Craft Glue Black Bold-tip Permanent Marker


1. Cut two large hearts from pink craft foam. 2. Punch holes evenly spaced through one heart. 3 .Punch holes from white craft foam and insert into openings of pink craft foam. 4. Glue craft stick between hearts. 5. Cut a 1/2"x8" strip from white craft foam; form strip into a bow. 6. Cut a dime sized circle from pink craft foam and glue to center of bow. 7. Glue bow to 'neckline' of craft stick. Personalize bookmark using marker.

Valentine Wreath Materials:

Cardboard (can use a cereal box or similar item) Construction Paper Scissors Glue Ribbon Soda pop tab


Cut a large ring out of the cardboard. Cut several different sized and different colored hearts out of construction paper. You can even use different textured paper such as tissue paper or wall paper samples. Glue the hearts around the ring to create your own wreath. Tie a bow in the ribbon and glue it on the wreath. Glue the soda pop tab on the back to hang it from. Be sure to add this to your list of easy to make valentine crafts.

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