Homemade Christmas cards

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Some unusual homemade Christmas cards can be made with three-dimensional details molded from soapsuds clay.
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Christmas cards can easily be made at home with a few simple steps

The collection of handmade treasures people keep for years frequently includes a cherished batch of homemade Christmas cards. These heartwarming works of art were crafted by folks who knew that something handmade is something special. Now, you too can make some special homemade Christmas cards for someone else to enjoy.


Something to consider is whether or not the cards will be mailed or handed over in person to the recipient. Mailed cards require an envelope. You can purchase envelopes or make them in seasonal colors by copying the size and folds of some you already have at home. Some three-dimensional greetings will require a box.

You can work with a stationery company to design holiday cards within the range of customizable cards they carry, or design your own cards from scratch.


Check postal regulations before deciding on size


If you intend to make your own envelopes, check postal regulations and costs related to mailing various sizes of envelopes. Designing your cards as postcards may be less expensive. Nevertheless, check postal sizes various mailing costs. Also, check rules about mailing boxes if the homemade Christmas cards are three-dimensional; duct tape and outer wrapping are not permitted.


Round up some photos to use on your card


A traditionally designed card consists of a rectangular piece of notepaper folded in half—horizontally. This format enables the creation of some cover art and an inside greeting. Glue some cut-out photos of family members' faces on to holiday shapes—wreathes or Christmas trees—cut out of red or green felt. Add sequins or daubs of glitter. Don't forget photos of pets; they always are popular.


Recycle holiday cut-outs from magazines or catalogs


Arrange a design on the front of the card by using holiday-themed cut-outs from magazines or catalogs—images of holly, evergreen branches or holiday ornaments are good. A more tailored look can be attained by blending the convenience of pre-purchased, blank note cards with some artistic enhancements. Personalize them with your own interior greeting and images. Use a chisel-tipped, felt-tip pen to give your writing the look of calligraphy.



Add drama by making three-dimensional greeting cards


You can use pine cones as greeting cards. Mail them in a box. Pine cones are available at most craft stores and in the woods. Pine cones can be decorated in many ways. Touch some glue to the flaring seed flaps and roll them in gold glitter. Spray them silver or gold and glue a ribbon bow at the top. Your greeting can be written on a small scroll and tucked into the ribbon.


You can crochet some greeting card wreathes. Take some dark green yarn and begin crocheting a circular design. Make a Christmas wreath. Its size is up to you. When the wreath reaches the desired diameter, finish it off. Add here and there some touches of red yarn to indicate holly berries. Add a tag with a greeting. Or, mount the wreath on a piece of gold foil and in the center write your greeting.


Use soapsuds clay to make a snowman or Santa card


Make homemade Christmas cards from soapsuds clay. Years have passed and creative people are still using soapsuds clay to make unusual holiday decorations. It's an easy substance to make and it dries overnight to a hard finish that is wonderfully durable. Let it dry white or paint with acrylics.


Soapsuds clay can be molded into many holiday shapes. Make a snowman or a Christmas tree or a Christmas wreath. Make a snowball, dust it with glitter and add a ribbon or gold cord. A festive paper tag with your holiday greeting makes a most unusual three-dimensional greeting card.


Soapsuds Clay


1 cup soap powder; try Ivory Snow

1 ½ tablespoons warm water


Instructions for 1 cup of Soapsuds Clay: Use an electric beater to mix soap and water in a large bowl. Beat mixture into a consistency resembling clay. For larger amounts, use the same proportions to double or triple the recipe.


Another variation is Fluffy Soap Snow: Use 2 parts soap powder to 1 part water. Beat well and spread like cake icing. Use this technique to frost homemade Christmas cards made of cardboard or poster board. For example: add a fluffy beard to a homemade cardboard Santa or wreath. Add some fluffy snow to the roof of a cardboard sleigh or a red-brick-designed cardboard chimney.


A little imagination is all that's needed to make these unusual homemade Christmas cards. Don't be surprised if the recipients of your artistry take one look at your creations and give a hearty ho-ho-ho.

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