How to make candles

By Jean Sanders
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Candles set the mood. Whether you want romance, soft lighting or eerie effects, you can take even more pleasure in candles when you make them yourself.
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Learn how to make candles

Learning how to make candles at home is easy and a lot of fun! With the internet, now anyone can order the candle making supplies needed to not just make an ordinary candle, but one that is comparable or even superior to many popular brands. There are many online sites that sell all the supplies you'll need and they usually have prices that are lower than retail arts and crafts stores. Below, is a simple tutorial for how to make candles in your own kitchen. It might seem intimidating, but, relax and you'll have loads of fun and you'll love the results. What you'll need:

Crock pot or a double broiler Thermometer Candle wax chips (preferably pre-formulated for candles) Glass container with a lid (for the candle) An appropriate sized pre-tabbed wick (the larger the jar, the larger the wick diameter needs to be in order to burn a puddle to the edges of the jar) Essential oils or scented candle oils. Food coloring


Candle Making Kit (easily purchased online). This, of course is an easy way out and each kit comes with complete instructions how to make candles.

Step 1

Heat the wax in the crock pot or double broiler to 160 degrees. For safety reasons, watch your temperature and make sure the wax does not get too hot. While the wax is heating, pre-heat the candle jar in the oven on lowest setting. (This helps the wax better adhere to the glass).

Step 2

When the wax reaches 160 degrees, mix the scented oils first and stir. When mixed thoroughly, add food coloring and stir again. Always keep an eye on the temperature. If the wax gets too hot, it can be a severe fire hazard.

Step 3

Take glass candle jar out of oven and carefully pour the candle ingredients into the jar leaving room at the top so the lid will fit and save a little wax for topping off. (The wax will sink in the middle after the first pour cools and a second pour is needed to level this off. This is called 'topping off'). Straighten the wick and lower the metal disk base into the melted wax and try to place the disk as close to the center of the candle as possible. The wick should stand straight up on its own. (Don't worry about the wick being perfectly centered, just try to make sure the base is centered)

Tip: To make it easier to keep the wick centered, try adhering the base of the wick with a glue dot. They work like double-sided tape and are not affected by heat.

Step 5

Let the candle cool to where there is a semi-hardened crust on top. Now take the wick and adjust it so that it is centered in the jar (the crust will hold the wick in place when you adjust it)

Step 6

Let the candle completely cool at room temperature (could take as much as 6 hours). When cooled, you will notice that the wax will have sunken some in the middle. Reheat the remaining wax in your crock pot to about 185 degrees and pour just enough to flow to the edges of the glass.

And Finally! Step 7

Let cool and trim wick to about a quarter inch and your very own custom candle is ready for you to enjoy! If you would like to be creative, try making candles with different containers. You can use porcelain, brass cans, or anything that will withstand the intense heat from the flame. If you are unsure about the safety of the container, just play it safe and don't use it.

Your friends will be impressed with your handy work when you tell them it is one of your "originals"! Learning how to make candles is fun! Once you perfect the art, candles make wonderful gifts with a definite hand made tag.

Enjoy your newly found creativity!

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