Scrapbook ideas for boyfriend memories

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Scrapbook ideas for boyfriends will memorialize your old flame creatively

Scrapbooking is a crafty way to keep memories safe. Compilations of photos, movie stubs, and other oddments breathe life into days long lost to time. Old romances, memorialized and treasured…to be shared someday, or perhaps simply revisited. 

Honor the past, both the frogs kissed and the prince who finally completed your storybook love story, with these scrapbook ideas for boyfriend memories.

Arranging the Past

Memories can be sorted chronologically in a single album, with one album per year, or you can even devote an entire book per relationship. Some boyfriends, especially the longer term romances, might have more memories to preserve. You can also include a time line, which sets forth important milestones in your relationship (such as your first date, first kiss…), as well as other important events that occurred in your life while you were in this relationship (perhaps you graduated from college, got your first apartment…).

What to Include

Memories encompass all of the senses; therefore, it is wise to include items that evoke as many senses as possible in your scrapbook. First, choose an album, papers and embellishments that remind you of the relationship.

To cater to the visual aspects, include photographs, ticket stubs, play bills, letters, emails, and even receipts for things purchased together. A sample size of his beloved cologne can also be included to capture the smell which you associate with him. A swatch of his well-worn favorite shirt sprayed with a bit of his cologne can capture visual, olfactory, and even tactile memories. You can also include a small pocket within the scrapbook to hold a small flash drive with a playlist of "your song," as well as short videos, voice mail messages, or screen shots of text messages.

Keep it Real, or "An Ode to the Ex"

Make sure to include more than just the good times. Relationships end for a reason, and those memories are part of the relationship and deserve to be included. So include that photo of you saying goodbye when he went off to university, or the letter he wrote you when you broke up that first time. 

While these memories may be bittersweet, they are part of your history together. This can also be a very cathartic way to acknowledge that the relationship was not meant to be and to stop idealizing it.  

Map it Out

When you know a relationship is "the one," it can be fun to document the locations that were important in the development of the relationship. Purchase a map of your town, and mark where you first met and mark #1 on the map. Include a photo also labeled #1 which shows the location where you first met. Continue marking other important locations, and include photographs of each. 

Years from now, you could be sharing this photo retrospective with your children! And, since cities grow and landscapes change, many of the sites may no longer be there later on—so preserve those memories while you can!

At Last...a Prince

When you make the last scrapbook—the one for your prince—there are even more things in include. 

Now that you are a couple, it is about blending your lives together. So make sure to include the first time he met your family, and what they honestly thought of him. Memories of his marriage proposal, pictures of the ring, and the chaos of planning for a wedding should all grace the pages of the final boyfriend scrapbook. The last scrapbook may be an end of an era, but it is also the beginning of a new life together…your next scrapbook may be for your first child!

Boyfriends help make us who we become—both the good boyfriends, and the miserable ones we are glad to be rid of! These scrapbooks are as much as who you were when you were with them, as they are about the boyfriends themselves. So memorialize those old flames, and who you used to be, with scrapbooks to hold your boyfriend memories.

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