Thanksgiving craft ideas

By Susan Crowley
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table set up for thanksgiving dinner
Some Thanksgiving craft ideas that can spruce up your table
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Are you looking for ways to dress up your Thanksgiving table this year?

With a few craft supplies and a touch of creativity you can make memorable Thanksgiving decorations. Consider these simple Thanksgiving craft ideas:

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Materials: White tablecloth Fabric paint in autumn colors Paintbrush

Instructions: Use the paint to create Thanksgiving designs on the tablecloth. Try dipping a corncob, leaves or feathers into the paint to form prints on the cloth. Or make handprints and add paint to create a turkey tablecloth.

Autumn Bowl

Materials: Empty butter or margarine tub Paintbrush Scissors Glue Calico or autumn-colored fabric

Instructions: Dilute the glue with water. Apply mixture onto the tub with a paintbrush; then place bits of the fabric on the tub. Continue adding glue and fabric until the container is covered. Finish by applying another coat of glue. Let dry. Fill the container with leaves and pine cones or dried nuts and fruits.

Thanksgiving Hand Wreath

Materials: Construction paper or felt in fall colors Poster board Scissors Glue Brown buttons or nuts Ribbon

Instructions: Trace your hands or your child's hands on the colored paper. Cut out several hands in different shades.

Draw a circle for a wreath on the poster board. Cut out the wreath. Be sure to cut a hole in the middle (it will resemble a large doughnut). Glue the hands around the wreath until the poster board is covered. Then glue on the buttons or nuts. Add ribbon to hang the wreath.

Candy Cornucopias Materials: Sugar ice cream cones Decorator frosting tube Napkins or colored paper Candies, gum drops, dried fruits and nuts

Instructions: Write names of your children or guests on the cones, using the decorator frosting. Place the cones on napkins or colored paper. Fill with candy, dried fruit and nuts. Allow the filling to spill out for a "cornucopia" effect.

Thanksgiving Placemat

Materials: Brown, tan and orange construction paper Glue Magazines Clear contact paper

Instructions: Cut a large cornucopia shape out of brown construction paper. Then cut a large circle out of tan construction paper. Make sure the circle is big enough to glue over the open end of the cornucopia.

Place the cornucopia on the left hand side of a large piece of orange construction paper. This will serve as the base. Glue the circle shape onto the paper. Be sure to cover the end of the cornucopia.

Look through magazines to find pictures of food. Cut out images of fruits, vegetables and other foods for your cornucopia. Glue the pictures on the circle, allowing some to spill out of the circle.

When the glue is dry, cover both sides of the placemat with clear contact paper.

Harvest Necklace

Materials: Large needle String or fishing line Popcorn Raisins or dried fruit Nuts Orange peel pieces

Instructions: Measure the length of line needed for the necklace. Thread the needle and string on the popcorn and other items. Wear the necklaces for Thanksgiving dinner or hang them around the house.

Turkey Place Card Holders

Materials: Dry pinecones one for each guest Brown or tan pipe cleaners Craft feathers Glue Cardstock paper

Instructions: Lightly dip the ends of the feathers into the glue. Place them into the back of the pinecones. Repeat until you have enough turkey tail feathers. Let the glue dry. Fold the pipe cleaners in half and shape them into turkey heads and necks. Attach the pipe cleaners to the front of the pinecones. Cut the paper into place cards. Write the name of each guest on the cards. Put the place cards in front of each turkey.

Thanksgiving Tree

Materials: Two paper grocery bags Construction paper in various autumn colors Crayons, markers or pencils Glue Scissors

Instructions: Cut open the grocery bags and lay them flat. Draw a tree trunk with branches and cut it out. Trace leaf shapes on the colored paper and cut them out. Have family and friends write what they are most thankful for on the leaves. Then glue the leaves on the tree.

You may find more Thanksgiving craft ideas in your own home. Look around for autumn-themed items and things that you are thankful for. Your family will have more reasons to appreciate and enjoy the holiday season.

With a little time and effort, you can brighten your home and cheer your guests. Use some of these Thanksgiving craft ideas or come up with your own to make the most of this year's Thanksgiving dinner.

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