What should your next craft project be?

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craft fabric doll
Stitch a doll for someone special
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Inspiration will help you determine what should your next craft project be

You finally have a window of time on your hands to make something and now all you need is some inspiration. As any crafter knows, choosing your next craft project can quickly become something you over-think. Meanwhile those idle hands are getting impatient. Decide quickly before they start weaving your favorite sweater into a pot holder.

An easy way to eliminate a big chunk of possibilities is to decide whether you’re looking for a quick and easy idea, something you can make in one sitting with a handy craft supplies. Or do you want a big project, something complex that will be your work-in-progress for the next few weeks or months? For example, knitting a scarf will take a week or so, longer if you’re a newbie.

Once you have a scale in mind, decide who your recipient will be or if the project will be for you or a gift to the house. Deciding who will be at the receiving end guides you in material and color selections. While you’re thinking about the end goal, consider whether you want to make something decorative or a craft people can use, play with or wear. 

Here are a few suggestions for your next craft project that range from easy to more advanced, from fast to a longer term commitment with plenty of fun along the way.

Personalize mugs

Throwing and firing your own mugs on a potter’s wheel takes a high level of skill and some pricey equipment. However, you can easily skip ahead to the decorative stage by purchasing a few plain, cheap porcelain mugs at a big box or dollar store. If you want company, invite the kids to join you because this is safe and simple. 

Draw or write a funny phrase or inspiring quote on the mugs with permanent sharpie markers. Bake the mugs at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes and the marker will stay on like paint as long as you only wash them by hand. Since the materials are so basic, go for the better quality markers to ensure they won’t wash off.


Dolls are the kind of project crafters of all skill levels can take on. They’re a good choice when you want to make something fun the child in your life will value - playing with dolls tops the list. You can draw paper dolls or make a soft rag doll by sewing the body from fabric and stuffing it. Stitch on yarn hair or a hat for a finishing touch. Follow up projects can include stitching doll clothes and accessories.

Looking for more of a challenge? Try sculpting a doll from clay. When finished refer to the clay package for baking instructions. Pick up a few clay paints and turn your figure into a fairy, superhero or creature of your own imagination.


Embracing the needle arts is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable way to unwind. Projects range from one afternoon to larger pieces, depending on the size. Choose a template from a craft magazine or website, or  create your own design on graph paper. 

Possibilities include embroidering a family tree for a wall hanging, stitching an elaborate pattern on a plain tote or pillow case and monogramming cloth napkins. The internet is filled with free tutorials of different stitches to help expand your skill set. 

Stamp art

Learn how to create a stamp and you can make your own prints. Stamp everything from fabric and journals to stationary, wall art and gift tags. Pick up a stamp making kit, acrylic paint, a wood block, wood glue and a small brush.

Sketch your ideas on paper then select your favorite, or the most geometric one to ensure success first time around. Carve the design into the rubber stamp and use a wide blade to remove excess rubber from the outside surface. Now stamp away.

Enjoy your next craft project!

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