Boys bedroom decorating that grows with them

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Don't worry if he wants to paint the wall.
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Boys bedroom decorating choices that will grow up as he goes from baby to teen

If you are like most parents with boys, you may notice your son does not really care what his room looks like. With sports equipment on the floor and noticeably out of the closet, and perhaps a dirty sock or two lying around, the average boy uses his room as a parking place in between activities. But the way the room looks is important to his psyche. As a result, boys bedroom decorating ideas are popping up all over the home stores. Here are a few tips to make boys bedroom decorating a reality and not just a dream.

Where to start

Figure out your budget so you know what you can spend. Cribs and beds, as well as other basic furniture, is where most parents begin their decorating projects. When their little bundle of love enters the world, parents want to make sure he lands in a comfy, cozy place so he can dream sweet dreams. Hopefully, he will sleep through the night the day after he gets home from the hospital!

Consider buying a bed that begins as a crib and then converts into a toddler bed, then a daybed and a fill-size bed that can to carry your son through to adulthood. These are an initial expense, but a great option that can save you money in the long run. When it comes time to move your child out of the crib, you simply have to convert it to a toddler bed.

Match the child’s personality

The bed is only the beginning. Your son will grow quickly and within a few years, he will be ready to throw off his baby things and become a “big boy.”

Get your kids involved in decorating their room. It will get them involved and encourage them to take care of the room once it is completed. If you can get past the posters on the walls or maybe a chair in the middle of the room rather than by the desk, you will be able to mold the room to your child’s tastes. It even helps in the development of their own sense of taste. By experimenting with the décor, your son can figure out what he likes and does not like.

Try different looks

Boys bedroom decorating can be anything you and your child wants. If your child is a Buckeyes fan, an Ohio State Buckeyes toss pillow may be the perfect thing to lean on while he is reading his social studies assignment. If he is into science, he can set up an area for his collection of rocks or maybe his microscope.

Let him experiment a bit and try different bedroom painting ideas such as sponging paint on in different colors or even painting a stripe or two. Remember, it should be what makes him more comfortable within reason, of course. You do not want him to punch a hole in the wall just to figure out if he likes big holes in his walls, but an unusual paint job does not hurt anyone and gives him a sense of his own taste.

Boys bedroom decorating does not have to be an arduous task, for you or for your son. As your child grows and his taste change, you can rearrange, repaint and refurnish. Just decide upon a plan and then go for it! Your son will end up with a room that can work until he grows up at which point you can read about decorating your new craft room. 

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