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There's more to choosing the right size sofa for a room than just appeal

When it comes to furniture, the sofa can be your biggest investment - not only regarding your wallet, but in the design of your room, too. There are many details to consider before heading out to the shops and falling for the sofa you believe is perfect Ė only to discover it wonít fit through the door!

Here are a few tips to choose the right size sofa for your room.

Measure, measure, measure

You have to know a few measurements to make your purchase work. Make sure to write them all down, rather than rely on your memory. Begin with the overall size of your room and doors. Next, look at the space you have available in between other pieces of furniture and consider different arrangement options. Keep in mind youíll need to leave room for people to walk, access bookcases or other cabinets. 

Sketch it out

Once you have your measurements, sketch out the room on a sheet of paper. You can also make notes about other pieces of furniture and where the windows are, too. Itís a great way to determine the best layout for everything in the room. If youíre having a difficult time picturing everything, use masking tape to mark furniture placement on your floor.

Itís all about style

Chances are good that the sofa will last for a long time. Knowing that, youíll need to choose one that fits your overall design style, both now and in years to come. For instance, if other seating is overstuffed and comfy, the sofa should be, too. A daintier piece will look completely out of place in that room.

Choosing the upholstery is part of the style, too. A bright geometric pattern might be on trend and your favorite of all time right now, but will it be that way in five years? Consider compromising with a more neutral color in a fun texture or subtle pattern. Your future self will thank you.

Using your sofa

Sure, this might sound like a no-brainer Ė youíre going to sit and probably nap on it. Do you routinely have guests over for movie marathons or friends that visit and crash at your place? That information will help narrow down your choices. In both those cases, youíll want a couch that has maximum comfort for the price and size.

A reclining sofa is perfect for relaxation and new models are motorized. You can even find options such as a built-in drink cooler, charging stations and mood lighting. 


When decorating an entire living room, give 20 percent of your total budget to the sofa alone. Expect to pay more for higher quality springs, fabrics and frame. This is when itís important to know how long you plan on keeping your furniture.

If itís only for a short while, say less than five years, you can get away with paying a lower price. On the other hand, if you know that itíll be 10 to 15 years before you want to even think about replacing it, go for the best quality your budget can handle.

Getting it home

Many shops offer delivery of larger pieces of furniture, usually for a fee. To avoid the charge, ask friends or family that have a truck to give you a hand. If youíre lucky, they will help move it in for you, too. Make sure you have clear access to the door youíre bringing it through, too. While the door itself might be nice and wide, a tight stairwell or tiny elevator might dictate your furniture choices. 

If you simply arenít finding what you want in the stores or online, consider a custom sofa. This lets you control just about every aspect Ė from the base materials and internal mechanisms to fabrics and fillings. Also, youíll probably have a professional working closely with you to ensure that you are getting exactly what you have envisioned in your mind. 

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