Cottage-style decorating tips

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Cottage style home
These cottage-style decorating tips will help you create the perfect appearance and atmosphere in your home
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Make your home unique.

Many people simply fall in love with cottage-style of decor. This creative style of decorating is perfect for mixing and matching various pieces of furniture. It is great for someone who is a flea market, tag sale or vintage store addict all of your finds will compliment your decor nicely.


In cottage-style decor, the most important thing is to simply not to try so hard. That being said, because you are decorating often with second-hand items, you may need to be quite aggressive about your shopping style because it will probably take longer to decorate than you would like. Everything should be comfortable, easy and have a relaxed feeling.


Consider the following cottage style decorating tips:




Colors in the cottage-style are typically soft. Popular colors for the cottage-style include pinks and greens. Also quite popular are white, ivory, soft brown, robin's egg blue and brick red. Patterns for fabric and wallpaper are often vintage-style flowers, plaids and patterns with images.




The window treatments in cottage-style decorating are typically light. Soft curtains in pastel shades are ideal. You could also make your own curtains.



Floors are often bare with natural fiber rugs. A vintage-style rug could also be nice if you prefer a unique rug. A natural wood floor is frequently seen in cottage-style decorating, but it is not breaking the rules to do your own thing.




Lighting can often be creative. You can turn a vase or jug into a lamp with the correct wiring. Lamps should have a unique, one-of-a-kind style. Simply put, every item in cottage-style decorating is a unique treasure this should be reflected when you select your lamps, doorknobs and just about any other item. Your items should show creativity and perhaps a bit of whimsy if this is your style.




Accessories are a lot of fun in cottage-style decorating. If you have a vintage hat collection, it could be unique to display some of them in the living room or your bedroom. If you collect old movie posters or memorabilia, you could display these also.


Adding your own special touches, especially with unique colors, styles and images is a great benefit of cottage-style decor. Sometimes you may think of the accessories first and then wind up planning your room around what you would like to display. Or if you are really into the cottage-style, you may have lots of vintage items that you will alternate, showing unique items at different times throughout the year.


Expressing your style is important in the cottage-style of decorating. Cottage-style decorating is ideal for many homes, and is a wonderful way to truly make a house feel like a home. Use these cottage style decorating tips to create a warm, welcoming home.

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