How to decorate a kid's room on a budget

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Classic colors and solid furniture lasts for years
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We've got tips on how to decorate a kids room on a budget with fun style

Making your kid's room into a special place doesn't have to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable ways to transform an ordinary space into a cool bedroom your child will love. Adding style and playfulness is easy with these simple ideas.

From cool accessories for older kids to functional whimsy for younger ones, a little creativity makes a world of difference. Here's how to decorate kids room on a budget!

Colors rule

Have your child choose a few favorite colors. Depending on their age, you may need to steer them away from some clashing combinations. For instance, if he's really into orange this week and purple the next, suggest a color you know he'll be happy with next month and next year.

Selecting a color scheme will help you pick out kids furniture, accessories, curtains and a bed spread they'll love. Have fun incorporating bright shades of pink or green as focal points like a fuzzy rug or lamp. Work some white or other neutral shade into the décor so the room has visual balance.

To paint or not to paint

A fresh coat of paint has a powerful impact, but paint doesn't come cheap. Help them choose a color scheme with longevity. If her heart is set on a loud shade you're almost certain she'll outgrow in a few years, suggest using it as an accent color on one wall. It's easier and less costly to repaint one wall in a few years and gives her some flexibility.

Choices with staying power

Kids outgrow things fast, which makes it hard to spend money on good furniture. Tiny desks and beds are cute, but it'll be less costly in the long run to invest in full-sized furniture for the larger pieces. The look of a bureau or shelf can change with a little paint or fabric, but the sturdiness of a few well-crafted pieces can last through their teen years.

If you have an attic or basement with some unused pieces, save money by fixing them up. Sand and paint an old end table or add a patterned cushion to a plain old chair. You can always upgrade if desk chairs go on sale in the future, but some DIY craftiness will suffice for now.

Expressive accessories

The trick of how to decorate kids room on a budget is to give them some input. This way when the project is done, they have a space that really feels like it's theirs. Achieve that and you won't have to bug them so much to clean it because they'll be more inclined to care for a room they love.

Set a budget and give them free reign on selecting a few necessities. Purple sheer drapes may not be your first choice, but they could be the finishing touch she loves the most. Make a basic list of functional pieces like toy bins, baskets and hooks for jewelry. These smaller pieces are a perfect canvas for bold patterns to break up the space.

Reach for high ground

Putting in a cabin or lofted bed is a practical way to gain more floor space in a smaller room. Use the “footprint” of the bed below for shelving, drawers, desk or some bean bag seats!

Learning how to decorate kids room on a budget is a work-in-progress. While it may be tempting to overhaul the space in one go, it's often more affordable to do it in stages. Start with paint and slowly surprise them with a new rug here and new bedspread there as the funds become available. They'll appreciate each new piece as it comes and enjoy watching their new room take shape.

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