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Warm your home with simple, stylish touches this Christmas
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Indoor Christmas decor ideas to simplify your holiday

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Ever since I was a little girl, the holiday season has been a magical and enchanting time of year. My mother was the queen of holiday decorators. We'd have a huge tree and the house would be adorned with garland, stockings and other indoor Christmas decor staples. When I moved into my own home and began shopping for my own Christmas decorations, I realized just how much the "Christmas magic" cost.

From the outrageous power bill to the expensive fresh tree, each Christmas, many families spend almost as much on decorations as they do on gifts. I, like many Americans, are attempting to make the holidays more economical and environmentally friendly without truly sacrificing the quality of my indoor Christmas decor.

The holidays are a time to spend enjoying loved ones and relaxing by a warm fire, but instead, we usually spend them climbing on ladders, stringing lights and cleaning up pine needles. Take the stress out of your holiday by using these simple indoor Christmas decor ideas:

- Real vs. Fake. No indoor Christmas decor item is more important than the tree. Although real Christmas trees do have some novelty attached to them, consider purchasing an artificial tree. Not only are artificial Christmas trees more friendly to the environment, they save you plenty of money since you can use your tree for years to come. Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way since the scrawny plastic pieces you saw in store displays growing up. Today, artificial Christmas trees are crafted to look and feel just like the real deal. Take even more hassle out of your holiday by purchasing a pre-lit tree.

- Hang up the Holly. Instead of stringing hundreds of strands of lights, brighten up your home with indoor Christmas decor such as artificial garland and wreaths. If you'd like to add your own special touch, simply use a hot glue gun to attach ornaments and ribbon to your holiday greenery.

- Bright lights! Twinkle lights may be synonymous with Christmas, but if you're attempting to save money and be "green" this holiday season, they're not the best way to go. If too many are used, these innocent little lights can inflate your power bill and be a potential fire hazard. Instead, substitute your outdated strand of lights for LED lights. LED lights are not only brighter, but they generate less heat, last up to 100,000 hours and use far less power than regular twinkle lights.

- Home(made) is where the heart is. Making your own indoor Christmas decor will allow you to save money and spend time with your family. The whole family can help make ornaments and decor from pine cones, popcorn and other odd household items. You can find several instructions on how to create your very own homemade Christmas ornaments.

- Bargain hunt. Because of the difficult economy, many families are looking for ways to make extra cash. One of the most popular ways to earn easy money is to hold a yard sale. You can find gently used, high quality Christmas decor at yard sales at deeply discounted prices.

With these tips, you can save money, make fun holiday memories and create a beautiful, warm place to spend Christmas with your loved ones.

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