Low profile lighting for hard to see areas

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basement lounge lighting
Low profile lights give a warm, cozy feel to a basement lounge area
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Use low profile lighting for soft illumination and highlighting room elements

From carefully selecting wall colors and fabrics, to laying tiles yourself you put a lot of work into your home. A badly lit area takes the life right out of a room. In a kitchen, your food and counters look dull. At a desk you have trouble concentrating if your eyes are constantly strained. Low profile lighting is a subtle, versatile solution if you’re tired of the dark shadows cast by cabinets.

Potential places you may want low profile lighting include under your cabinets, behind bars, over corner desks, beneath sloped ceilings, over cooking areas, the basement and on decks.

Ideas for Low Profile Lighting


For function and décor, low profile lighting is becoming very popular in kitchens. You have a lot of options here! The goal is to blend artificial light with natural light, accent the counters and appliances, help you see better when cooking and offer simple illumination for snackers,

Ideas -  Rope lights are energy efficient and look nice both over and under cabinets. Puck lights go beneath a cabinet or inside of large cabinets and produce a mini-spotlight directly on the counter below. You may also want to consider recessed lights, which compliment a modern kitchen with soft illumination.

Small Rooms

If a room is exceptionally small, strong lighting may see oppressive. Consider the room’s function, whether it’s an office, bedroom or laundry room, and the elements you want to accentuate when choosing lighting.

Ideas  - Recessed ceiling light with dimmers allows you to control how bright you want the space and set the mood for different occasions. The trick is to allow enough illumination to see without feeling uncomfortable. Consider using a decorative lamp for reading and LED pin lights to highlight wall art.


Installing low profile lighting on a deck enables you to use the space at night for grilling and entertaining without worrying about people running into things or tripping near stairs. Low voltage lighting is safer for outdoor areas economical and fairly simple to install.

Ideas – Surface or deck lights are fixtures that can be attached to a wood surface like a railing, bench or step.  Tier lights spread illuminate an area evenly, creating a fun or romantic effect.

Bar or Work Area

The bar or work area of a home is often a small, functional area in a shared space. When not in use, you may prefer to keep the desk unlit and the bar dimly lit to save power. When you’re behind the bar, you probably want to see what you’re doing when slicing limes.

Ideas – Linear lighting strips are easy to install, inexpensive and energy efficient.  They come in fluorescent lighting or LED. Also used as a cabinet fixture, they offer a subtle accent with enough quality light to see without straining your eyes.

You have a wide array of low profile lighting options. Enjoy experimenting!

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