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hospital corner
Use the hospital corner technique
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You CAN make a bed like a hotel with tips for smooth tops and sharp corners

Some people are tidy and particular, whereas others aren't so much. They execute things quickly and sometimes hap-hazardously when, for example, making a bed. However, a sloppily made bed is preferable to an unmade one.

Have you ever wondered how to make a bed like a hotel? Oh, the joy of climbing into a fresh, clean, crisply made bed with perfectly tucked and smoothed sheets and blankets and wonderfully comfortable, well-plumped pillows!

There is an art to bed-making. If you are a military person or a nurse -- or married to one -- you already know this.

Some ways to get the hotel bed feeling in your own home include:

Triple Sheet

Many hotels use the triple-sheet method. This requires the use of many layers of sheets, blankets and a spread. The user chooses which layer he lies on.

A fitted or flat sheet is put on top of the mattress after which another flat sheet is added. A blanket is put over this flat sheet. It is sandwiched by yet another flat sheet placed over the blanket.

The blanket doesn't touch the sleeper's skin. This is a hygienic practice. Sheets are regularly washed in hotels but blankets and spreads are not washed as often. This method ensures cleanliness.

Hospital Corners

For a tight, crisp look employ the hospital corner technique. Place the flat sheet or sheets on the mattress. The long edges of the sheets (on the sides) and the sheet edge at the foot hang below the bottom of the mattress. Tuck the edges of the sheet at the foot under the mattress.

Stand on the right side toward the foot. Pull the long edge of the sheet up and place it on top of the mattress. This edge becomes folded and creates an approximate 45-degree angle from the corner of the bed to the surface of the mattress where the sheet is lying. Smooth out this portion of the sheet.

The rest of the sheet is hanging below the mattress edges on the sides of the bed. Tuck the overhang under the mattress.

Bring the part of the sheet (the corner) lying on the mattress down and over the mattress edge and tuck it in. Do the same thing on the left side.

This ensures sheets don't come loose during the night. It is a uniform look.


Luxury hotels go all out when it comes to the blankets and pillows they provide guests. Down comforters and blankets, breathe-in-breathe-out pillowcases, Euro pillows and down alternative eco-pillows are frequently found in upscale accommodations.

Some hotels offer a choice in pillows including anti-snoring pillows, which is why guests are reluctant to leave. They've never slept sounder or more comfortably.

Many facilities put duvets on their beds. A duvet is the same as a down comforter. Simply put, it is a cloth bag filled with feathers and down, although modern-day duvets are much more lavish than that. A duvet cover, similar to a pillow case, is put over the duvet or comforter, which is an easy way to change the look of a room.

Pillow top mattresses are increasingly found in facilities because they afford sleep comfort. This mattress is different from a regular mattress because it consists of additional layers of cushioning and, as a result, is quite soft but also has an unyielding layer of support underneath. This gives the best of both worlds: Soft yet supportive.

Yes, you can feel as though you are sleeping in a hotel while in your own home just by using some of the bed-making practices adhered to in luxury accommodations.

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