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Pictures bring a personal touch to your home.
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Pictures are an important part of your interior design.

A house is just a house until you start to add your personal touches to make it "home." Pictures for the home, whether they are art pieces hanging on the wall or personal photographs in free standing frames, say a lot about you and your lifestyle. Without pictures, walls are stark and give a perception of emptiness.  From paintings to portraits, your choices of pictures for wall decor brighten a home and highlight its own personality.

Pictures for the home aren't necessarily limited to a framed photograph or painting. You can broaden the description of pictures by including their cousins such as posters, framed decorative mirrors or tapestries. Here we expand on traditional pictures as well as other types of wall decor to turn your house into a home: 

Photographs - Photographs can be the easiest and most affordable way to decorate a room, especially if there is a budding photographer in the home. Pictures of family members, scenery, or architecture are a wonderful addition. Portraits can actually go into this category as well. You can capture generations of family and friends to cherish for the years to come.

Paintings - From oils to acrylics, there is nothing quite like a piece of artwork hanging on your walls. An affordable way to purchase an original painting is through "starving artists" organizations. Look in your local paper or go online to find out more about these affordable paintings. Artists just getting their start sell their paintings at a fraction of the cost of established painters.

Embroidery - Although not a picture, embroidered pieces are typically stitched with a favorite poem, saying, or verse. Some embroidery depict a simple, yet elegant piece of scenery. Embroidered pieces work well in a hallway, sitting room or bedroom and promote a relaxed atmosphere.
Posters - Posters are affordable and a great way to decorate a child's room, workshop or garage. They come in all shapes and sizes to allow for the wall space you have.

Tapestries - are vibrant, full of color and add warmth to any room. These wall hangings come in  themes from western to landscapes to the medieval time period. Tapestries are an excellent addition to living areas and bedrooms.

A good way to decorate with pictures for the home or any of the wall decor mentioned is by picking a theme for the room. Themes can be fun and give a room its own unique personality. Here are some theme suggestions for each room in the house, but feel free to mix it up!

Living area themes: Western, country, modern, patriotic, southwestern, cabin or lodge, Oriental, European, African or Hawaiian.

Child's room themes: Themes for a child's room are as endless as their imagination. You could hang pictures of trains, movie characters, superheroes, butterflies, ponies, or magical fairies. Let your child's personality shine through. 

Bathroom: Don't forget the bath! Beach or aquatic, Italian Villa, safari, rose pattern or various color schemes bring a touch of interior design to the bathroom area.

There is a vast assortment of pictures for the home. You can cherish pictures of family members, celebrate a room with a theme, collect original paintings or hang a luxurious tapestry to add charm to your home.

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