How to replace crystal

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No matter how it broke, you can replace that crystal
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You can replace crystal that gets broken with a number of options

Maybe it's family heirloom crystal, passed down from your Great Aunt Sally. Or maybe it's the crystal you got for a wedding present, or something you bought for yourself. 

And then something happened. Maybe a glass slipped out of a hand, or a box didn't make it through a move. No matter how it happened, you're now missing one or more pieces of your crystal stemware or a matching decanter or pitcher. And you want to know how to replace crystal in a pattern that's no longer made.

Even if every store in town says it's hopeless, you just might be able to find it. Here are some ideas for the best places to look for that elusive discontinued crystal.

Check out the specialty shops

There are stores online that specialize in discontinued china, flatware and crystal.replacements. You can search by brand and pattern, if you know it. Or you can send photos of one of the remaining pieces to them, and their experts will try to identify and match your pattern.

Contact the manufacturer

Even when a crystal pattern is discontinues, the manufacturer may have some extra pieces in stock. Or they might be able to suggest a retailer or wholesaler who still has pieces available among the older inventory.

Contact the store where it used to be carried

If you know where the crystal was purchased, and it was discontinued in the past year, contact the corporate headquarters. Many stores have outlet branches where they sell discontinued or out of stock merchandise. Your crystal pattern could be sitting on a shelf somewhere in your city, or perhaps could be shipped from another location.

Check on eBay or Craigslist

If you know the manufacturer and pattern, it's worth it to check online auction and resale sites like eBay. While this can be a bit riskier than using a trusted china and crystal replacements company, having a chance of replacing those missing pieces might make it worth it.

Look for a seller with high ratings, if possible. Or if the cost is high, check into escrow options to protect your money until you see the items and verify the pattern and the condition.

Carry photos with you

If you frequently go to thrift stores, antique stores or rummage sales. keep some good photos of your remaining crystal with you for on-the-spot matches. You never know where a stem or two might show up!

Look for a close match

If you absolutely can't find your pattern, you might want to consider replacing crystal stemware or other pieces with a design that coordinates well with your existing pattern. Items with a similar shape, cut or look might work with what you have, especially if you add an equal number of the new pattern. That way you can alternate glasses at the table, and make it look intentional.

Mix and match

Another option for filling in for discontinued patterns is to add a variety of styles and shapes, creating an eclectic collection of crystal stemware. Do the same with your china, and everyone will complement you on your original style instead of noticing missing pieces!

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