Romantic bedroom ideas

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canopy bed
Canopy beds simply ooze romance
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These romantic bedroom ideas will turn your space into something enchanting

Of all the spaces in your home, your bedroom is the place that should evoke comfort, relaxation and romance. However, exhibiting these traits can take some effort on your part. With a little imagination, creativity and the right pieces, you can pull off these romantic bedroom ideas.

The Bed

There is almost nothing that is more love-inspiring than a canopy bed. These sleeping stations are featured in many novels and stories that focus on love, and for good reason -- they are extremely amorous. Laying down on your mattress and looking up at gorgeous fabric flowing over you is enough to put just about anyone in that kind of mood.

Of course, no matter how fabulous your bed, you can make it even more so with luxurious fabric. High-quality bed linens, such as sheets, comforters and skirts, look amazing and feel even better against your skin. They can also increase the amore factor of your space with ruffles and soothing colors.

Tan, beige and white often work well with a love theme. If you're looking to up the ante, try black and red, which are known for being passionate hues.

If a canopy-style bed doesn't suit your style, look for one that features a headboard that works with your taste. Cushion headboards add a soft texture to your room as they are often covered with soothing fabric. Wrought-iron headboards also exude enchantment, particularly when graced with twinkle lights.

Showcasing large and fluffy pillows on your bed is inviting and comforting, as well. Along with the pillows on which you plan to rest your head, lay down a few throw pillows, too. They add a boost of color to your theme, as well as provide as decoration for your bed. The combination of the fabric and pillows makes it too hard for anyone to resist laying down and enjoying themselves in the comfort of your bed.


The furniture you feature in your space should also match the theme you are aspiring to create. Comfortable and inviting pieces typically work best with this concept, as you want them to be welcoming.

Therefore, it makes sense to stay away from ultra-modern, minimalistic pieces. Instead, look for chairs, loveseats or chaise lounges that are soft and soothing. The pieces should be cushioned so that they provide the perfect places for relaxation.

The colors and type of fabric on the furniture should complement what is found on your bed. Choose colors that are the same, or select other hues that go well with that color scheme.

Loud and stark colors are typically too bold for this concept, so choose hues that you find soothing and enchanting, such as soft green, pink or even gold -- whatever looks and feels good to you.


Candles and flowers are often thought of to use as accents and decorations for these types of spaces. Placed on furniture and walls, such adornments could make the space exactly what you want. However, you don't have to go that route; you can choose a variety of other decorations to get your theme across. 

Chandeliers not only add light to your area, but often evoke a sense of love wherever they are found. A variety of styles are available, including those that feature crystals, glass, wrought iron and wood. As long as it matches your decor, it will fit right in with the theme.

Wall sconces also add texture and color to bare walls. Placing low-dim light bulbs inside set the mood for love and make you feel instantly at ease.

With so many romantic bedroom ideas available, it's easy to execute the type of creation you desire. Start with what you like, and work from there. Once you incorporate the style and accents you are fond of, along with what you find comfortable, you will have the room of your dreams.


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