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reclaimed wine barrel stool
A must have for wine lovers: stave stool made from a reclaimed wine barrel
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Shop home trends for today's most popular interior decor looks

The home design world is on fire right now. No matter where you look it seems like every lamp, rug and shelf is a must-have. Furnishing designs are innovative, fabrics are lush and the colors and patterns look like works of art. A stroll through the home department could lead to a complete home redecoration. So it’s essential to be selective when you shop home trends.

The challenge of shopping home trends is to find those pieces that will complement your existing décor. Be aware that adding a colorful contemporary rug to the living room will change the focal point to the floor. If the room already has bright pillows or curtain treatments, consider whether or not the rug will make the room look too busy. If the answer is yes, are you willing to change the curtains or shift the pillows?

Adding unique wall lighting fixtures or silky drapes can bring a fresh, fun feeling to a room. It just takes a little extra planning.

One of the best ways to avoid impulse buys is to shop online rather than in a physical store. This eliminates the worry that an item will sell out, and gives you that extra breathing room to compare prices, check out the reviews and consider how the item will look in your home while you’re actually there.

Here are a few tips for shopping home trends:


HGTV is a wonderful resource for staying up to date on the latest colors in home design.

Tangerine is the color of the moment. The bright hue brings energy to the room, but could easily be overwhelming. Ease in to bold new colors with accents like wall tapestries, rather than painting a permanent piece of furniture tango orange.


Mirrors help unify room that have an eclectic mix of furnishings. Many catalogs carry an array of mirrors in different sizes, shapes and finishes. The experts at HGTV say there are no rules when choosing mirrors. They all add depth and light to a room so choose mirrors you love.


Some people enjoy decorating their home with a specific style like French country or rustic, but this can feel limiting. An easier approach is to choose an item of inspiration. This can be an elegant vase, a hand-carved picture frame or any item that helps set the right mood. The inspiration piece can tie one room in to another, helping you select a pattern for a new comforter and other big items.

A great new source for home design inspiration is the home design boards on


Materials play a big whole in crafting the overall feel of a room. If you’re selecting floor materials for a renovation or permanent pieces of furniture like the dining room table, checking out the newest materials can often save money.

Eco-friendly products have come a long way over the last few years. For hardwood floors, consider using reclaimed wood from old wine barrels. If you already have great floors, American Country Home Store carries furniture made from old wine barrels. We’re talking tables, chairs, benches and of course, wine racks.

There’s no doubt that adding a pop of color to a neutral room or an assortment of mirrors to a bare wall can make the whole home even sweeter. Filling the home with housewares that inspire helps the whole family appreciate the space it has.


Photo Credit:  American Country Home Store 

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