A small bathroom remodel can make a big difference

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Add new life to a small bathroom with a simple remodel
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Try these designer tricks to make your small bathroom look great

You love the house.  The living room is great, and the new kitchen is just right.  And that view from the deck...perfect!  But what about that tiny guest bathroom?  There's hardly any room in there, and the color of the tile defies description. And those fixtures! But there's no way to add a bigger bathroom or even expand this one. 

So what can you do when you have a nightmare of a bathroom and no way to expand the space?  The solution  is to remodel the space you have to make it work better.  Before you run in with a sledge hammer to start your small bathroom remodel, here are a few key points the experts say to keep in mind:

Pick a color, any color.  Then another.

The first rule of a successful small bathroom remodel is to stick with a monochromatic theme. White or off-white are usually the first choices because the paler colors reflect more light, but the pros say go for what you love. 

White is clean and bright, red can be dramatic, blue can be soothing and the right shade of green can create an invigorating space. The key is to pick one color, then use that for almost everything in the room.  Then pick one contrasting color.  That is your accent color. End of palette. Remember, this is a small space and you want to avoid a feeling of being in a crayon box. 

Replace the lighting with something that really works

One of the ironies of most small bathrooms is that their lighting is so dim, it makes the small space feel even tinier. Make sure your small bathroom remodel project includes new lighting.  Recessed lights in the ceiling, sconces beside the mirror and a light over the shower or tub will make a small space feel more spacious.

Keep it simple! 

Clean simple lines in your porcelainware will help you make the most of the space you have.  Ornate sinks and fancy toilets make a small room seem overdone and crowded.  Plus, simple lines mean easier cleaning -- an important plus in a small space.

If you want to introduce an element of luxury, choose elegant faucets and handles in bronze or gold. These special touches have a bigger impact in a small space, so they're just right for your small bathroom remodel!

Replace the tub with a glass shower

Let the light shine through and free up some floor space by installing a corner shower in place of what was probably a too-small tub to begin with.  Glass doors will let the light from above the shower shine through, adding to the open feel and bright welcome of the room.

Clean it out.  And keep it that way.

When you're dealing with a small space, one of the most important things to remember is that clutter is never attractive.  And that rule holds especially true for a small bathroom.  When you're adding accessories, keep them few, simple and within the color scheme.

Store extra towels and supplies in a hall closet, and keep toiletries tucked away in the medicine cabinet. 

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