Decorating small spaces for work productivity

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Tips for decorating small spaces include lighting, color and efficiency

A small work space may not constitute that sunny corner office of your dreams, but space can be over rated when it comes to getting work done. Most people have a small work space, which means you have a number of resources and furniture options. Decorating small spaces is no more of a challenge than any other room; you just have to approach the project with a keen eye for efficiency.

The biggest advantage of working in a small space is that you can have everything you need within reach of your own office chair. Storage items can either go outside the workspace or double as furniture. For instance, GMC Designs makes a filing cabinet that doubles as a bench.

Before you begin sketching out your design ideas, make a list of every purpose your work space must serve.

Do you plan to host clients there?

Will you have meetings or an assistant joining you?

Make sure you have enough seating options to accommodate these needs or have a quiet cafe as a backup plan.

Your work station will be the focal point of your small space. If you need a large surface area for certain tasks, consider getting a desk or work table with side flaps that prop up to expand the surface as needed. If you donít require a large surface area, trade in that over-sized desk for something more compact.

If the small space youíre decorating gets a lot of natural light, a rustic forest green or bright yellow accent walls will compliment white furniture without making the room feel too small. If you donít have the benefit of a sunny window, you may want to consider a light, small patterned wall paper or neutral colors to make the room feel as large as possible. Neutral walls will give you a modern look, and you can always paint the trim a cool, calming color like blue, grey or green. Keep in mind that white walls can strain your eyes so try to add at least a little color to the space.

Your office chair is the most important piece of furniture in your work space. Comfortable, ergonomic chairs will increase your productivity by helping your posture and fully supporting your back. High backed chairs with flexible backs will make a long day bearable. If you work at a computer, consider an adjustable chair so you can position your monitor at eye level Ė looking down will cause your neck to ache.

The key to decorating small spaces for productivity is to maximize your comfort. Use lighting, textures and colors to provide a pleasant space to rest your eyes so your mind can focus. Think about the things that inspire you in your work and incorporate these things into your decorations.  A few ideas include floral curtains for nature loves, a desk lamp with a patterned shade of palm trees and wall decals of birds in flight or perched by a window.

Throw down a soft, bright rug and sit in your chair for the true test. Can you see the window from your seat? Positioning yourself youíre the window is within view will help prevent you from feeling isolated or cramped during the work day.

After decorating your small space, keep a scratch pad handy to jot down notes on design improvements (there are sure to be at least a few). Stopping mid-day to move a shelf will interrupt your work momentum and concentration. Save the notes for the end of the day or week, and shift your furniture or switch to a brighter light bulb as needed.


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