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Now, more than ever, greater emphasis is being put on education at an early age.
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Educational games help kids learn

With the start of the school year, more and more parents are searching for just the right educational games that will teach their children special skills. Some of those games touted to be educational sometimes fall short.

There are many online sites that offer educational games with teacher recommendations and comments. It is wise to heed those recommendations.

The field of educational games has expanded tremendously in recent years with the proliferation of computer games geared to every age—even preschool. Earliest public education programs for children, generally begins at the age of five or six.

In most countries elementary education is compulsory for all children. In much of the United States a year of kindergarten often precedes the first grade. The purpose of the elementary school is to introduce children to the skills, information, and attitudes necessary for proper adjustment to their community and to society.

Most parents don't want to wait until their children start kindergarten to introduce them to the learning process. Hence, the great interest in educational games. And, this strong emphasis on learning extends through all school ages.

As more and more children spend time on the computer, the feeling is that kids get more value from their computer time with games that provide lessons in reading, math, and geography, or feature interactive quizzes and puzzles that test their knowledge.

As video games become a common part of childhood, educators and researchers are looking at the ways children play and think about "fun" titles. With many of today's most complex and sophisticated popular games, they say it's possible to help turn game play into an educational experience. And some developers are changing the way they create educational titles for older children.

The key to making these games truly educational is parental involvement, beyond the TV or computer screen. The learning experience unfolds not by pushing buttons in front of a screen, but by interacting with other people in the class or with a parent. New games that have been developed require a mentor who's familiar with the game to help explain the significance of its elements and help the child understand the impact of different decisions.

Now, with the "No Child Left Behind" program focusing so much on passing state tests, there is a greater need for parents to ascertain that their children get a well rounded education by supplying them with stimulating educational games covering a wide variety of subject matter.

These games are not limited to computer games, but include everything from board games, to flash cards, travel games, Big Board Books, puzzles, science kits and more.

So, parents, go online and find the latest and best educational games for your child—regardless of age.

For years, consumers and their children have enjoyed the plethora of innovative and imaginative arts and crafts ideas that toy manufacturers have developed. As new technology evolves, even more creativity has emerged in the field of educational toys.

There are new puzzles, new science kits and even high tech colored pencils. Whatever you're searching for in the field of educational toys, there's an online merchant or cataloguer that will have what you're looking for, and probably some things you never would have thought of!

When shopping for educational toys—particularly for the very young, make certain that you are most careful in selecting toys that have no parts that can be put in your child's mouth or have cords that can become entangled around a child's neck. Check out all the safety requirements before buying. You'll find full disclosure on the Internet sites.

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