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From the beginning, women have been in the forefront of scientific discovery
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Through out history, women have been responsible for making vast advancements in the realm of science. Famous women scientists have made huge accomplishments in the subjects of mathematics, research, health, astronomy and chemistry as well as many others. Trotula of Salerno

One of the earliest known female scientists was a physician known as Trotula of Salerno. This Italian became famous for her work in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Known for teaching men about women's health, the books she wrote were used by physicians for hundreds of years, the most notable of which was Passionibus Curandorum or The Diseases of Women. Trotula suggested that in addition to women, men suffered from fertility issues, a theory that at the time, was considered controversial. She also promoted the use of opiates during childbirth to dull the pain of labor, a notion that went against the church's belief that women should suffer the pain of childbirth without medication. Trotula was an important figure in the understanding of women's health. Marie Curie

Marie Curie is a well-known name amongst society and one of the most famous women scientists. She lived from 1867 to 1934 in Poland and France and attended the Sorbonne where she received a chemist's license in physics and mathematical sciences. Curie, along with her husband Pierre, is most famous for her discovery of the elements Radium and Polonium. She won a Nobel Prize for this accomplishment, the first woman ever to be awarded this distinction. Furthermore, Curie developed a method to isolate radium in order to better study its properties, a discovery which paved the way for cancer therapy. Sadly, Marie Curie died of leukemia thought to be caused by her high exposure to radiation.

Maria Mayer

Maria Mayer, 1906-1972 was a German born physicist who later relocated to the United States. She is famous for her work on the shell structure of the atom and determined the shell configuration for where the electrons are placed. Her model is the one most teachers use within the classroom to explain the composition of the atom. She also assisted on the atomic bomb project, and received a Nobel Prize for her contribution in the separation of the isotopes of uranium.

Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was born in 1907 and died in 1964. Carson was an important environmentalist who was largely responsible for making society aware of the effects of DDT on crops and consequently on water systems. She was named to the Ecology Hall of Fame and to the Top Twenty Most Influential Scientists and Thinkers for the Twentieth Century. Her books still sell well worldwide.

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Two famous women scientists, both revered for their work in cancer research are Gertrude B. Elien, an American who lived from 1918 to 1999 and and Jewel Plumber Cobb, 1924 to the present, also from the USA. Elion was responsible for discovering many anti-cancer drugs and won a Nobel Prize for her work. Cobb, a biologist, studied the bodily effects that chemotherapy had on normal non-cancerous cells.

Jane Goodall

Perhaps one of the world's best-known famous woman scientists is Jane Goodall. Born in England, the ecologist is famous for her work with the African Gombe chimpanzees, which she continued for over thirty years. She was the first to discover the use of tools amongst animals and currently spends three hundred days a year lecturing and encouraging young people to improved the environment for all living creatures.

Rachel Zimmerman

Rachel Zimmerman from Ontario, Canada is the inventor of the Blissymbol Printer, a device that allows non-speaking people, like those afflicted with severe physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, to communicate. The program user corresponds by pointing to various symbols on a main page board with a special pad. When the user touches the symbols, the "Blissymbol Printer" translates them into a written language and the user can then communicate VIA e-mail. This incredible invention is providing non-speaking people with a voice of their own.

Responsible for providing society with the fundamentals about the world we live in, these and other famous women scientists continue to make huge advancements in their respective fields.

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