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Reasons to go to college

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Girls at College
College is not a new concept.
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Let us count the reasons that you should go to college.

Listen to your mother. If she is encouraging you to go to college, go. Or, it could be your spouse or even your children who are pushing you to get a formal education. College is a lot of work. College is time consuming and expensive but getting your degree will pay off in more ways than one.


College graduates have higher salaries on average than high school graduates, which is probably the best incentive for furthering your education. A college degree opens doors for you. There are a variety of educational options for different types of students: junior college, university or distance learning and online college. Any of these options leads to something more than a job: a career.


If you get your degree in journalism that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will spend your entire work life as a newspaper reporter. Knowing how to write professionally is a skill that can be parlayed into numerous jobs. The fact that you know spelling, grammar, punctuation and how to write intelligibly, as well as interview and report on facts, research, investigate and use a computer can go a long way in any number of vocations, such as communications, public relations, advertising, online content writing and in the teaching field. Finding a college major is a combination of recognizing your skills, talents and interests.



Some employers will not consider hiring you without a degree. Sometimes it is not the specificity of the degree that is important -- just that you have a degree.


Nowadays, some employers require that you go to college to keep your job. Do it. Your employer may pay for part or all of your education through a tuition reimbursement program. Take advantage of this financial perk and, in addition, secure your job in the process and increase your chances of promotion. There are more and more college graduates, which means the competition gets stiffer as the market gets saturated with diploma holders. The market is even more difficult to compete in for people without a degree.


Statistically, college graduates tend to have better job security and, as a result, have more financial security. College graduates generally advance in their careers, receive salary increases and promotions, and are often recruited by competing firms.


College can be fun. You will meet new people, most likely a diverse group of friends, proves interesting as well as enlightening. Your friendship pool will increase, which gives you exposure to different cultures, ideas and religions. Knowing a wide variety of people will expand your awareness of the world. You will encounter people that you would not have known otherwise.


The college environment can help you develop social skills. You are pushed into an unfamiliar and multicultural environment and can, as a result, learn to strike up conversations with strangers with whom you appear to have nothing in common. You may end up becoming lifelong friends with the seemingly most unlikely prospects.


Going to college will improve your self-discipline, which will serve you well the rest of your life, both personally and professionally. College is not the same as high school. Mom is not there to tell you to go to class and study. You either do it on your own or you do not and if you do not exercise self-discipline, self-motivation and effort, you will not last. College is hard work, and you will discover personal resources to be successful.


College will help you increase your self confidence as you step out of your comfort zone and are required to do things that might initially make you cringe—think, public speaking class—but with effort and determination, you will prevail and conquer your fears.



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