Bachelorette party destinations

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IĎm not sure where the bachelorette party is, but Iíll have another drink!
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Some ideas for bachelorette party destinations

Bachelorette party destinations should be as memorable and interesting as any fit for the would-be groom, and the good news is that they are! Carte blanche has its place, especially when the days to the altar are numbered and carefully counted. Best friends should always figure into the equation and no matter how many times you have reached the altar, the bachelorette bash should always be exciting and new.

Painting whatever town you have in mind red a few days before white becomes the operative color is perfectly acceptable all around the world. Although they may vary in decadence and debauchery, bachelorette parties are a wonderful way to signal the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Bachelorette party destinations are so prevalent that the main problem is narrowing it down to just one place. Here are a few ideas about where to gather with the girls.

What are some favored bachelorette party destinations?

1- Orlando, Florida

Party and shop until itís time to go. Divert yourself with Disney, Universal and Sea World and do it in style by basing the group in downtown Orlando at one of the ritzier hotels, like the Grand Bohemian or The Beacon, where South Beach meets Central Florida. If the luxury of a spa is among your plans, the Canyon Ranch Spa Club inside Gaylord Palms Hotel offers one of the most decadent venues in the country.

2- River rafting/camping, Colorado River

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are few bachelorette party destinations to match the challenge of the swift currents of the Colorado River. Take out insurance beforehand and do not attempt this endeavor if you or group has had anything to drink. (Save it for after the trip) Consider for a moment though the freedom and glory of leaving makeup and hair-dryers and high heels at home and just getting back to nature.

3- Burlesque show for the girls

Whatís good for the goose is more than good for the gander (or in this case, other gender). Bachelorette party destinations can be local and an upscale strip tease club has its place as long as things donít go too far. (Drink minimums and maximums help.) A strip club featuring males, like those famed Chippendale hunks are sure to tempt many a bride-to-be. But it is all in good fun and can be a night to remember for all those involved in the bachelorette party.

4- Napa getaway

A trip to wine country where a limo drives your party all around while you and your group get to sample different wines as you go is a great party idea. Talk about being treated like royalty for a day! This is among the coolest of bachelorette party destinations.

5- Charleston, South Carolina

If the bride-to-be and her friends are more into classy dining and nightlife, opt for a low-key weekend in the beautiful city of Charlestown, South Carolina. (Its beauty saved it from destruction during the Civil War). Consider renting a beach house on Sullivanís Island or Folly Beach (now thereís a name), both of which are close to shopping and dining. Charleston is rife with a varied nightlife that is sure to please even the fussiest of brides-to-be and their friends.

Have fun at the up and coming bachelorette party.

There is still time.

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