How can you tell if a diamond is real?

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Some ways to determine a diamond's authenticity

  Marilyn Monroe once sang of kisses on hands as being quite continental, but diamonds ultimately winning out as a girl’s best friend. She was right of course, as only sexy Marilyn could be, but how can you tell if a diamond is real? Almost since the  history of the diamond business began, there  have always been many unscrupulous souls who try to sell bogus stones or cubic zirconium as the real thing. Having the stone professionally appraised is certainly the perfect way to go, but there are other methods that will tell the truth about diamonds as well.

How can you tell if a diamond is real?


Learn about diamonds before you set out to buy one. There are several “home-made test” if you will, that will tell you if the diamond you own is real. Try breathing on it. You heard me. Diamond is a very hard stone, unlike glass. Composed of highly compacted carbon molecules, a diamond due to its hardness will not fog up as glass and other synthetic stones will. How can  you if tell a diamond is real can also entail taking a small piece of glass or a mirror and rubbing a corner of the stone against it. This technique is often shown in the movies and it does work, although there is one problem. If your stone isn’t a diamond, doing this can damage the stone. Hey, but you will have your proof.

If you want to authenticate an unmounted or loose diamond, hold  it over anything that is printed. Diamonds refract so much light that they will not work as a magnifying glass and lines, circles, or letters will not be visible through them. Other clear stones like glass or crystal will reveal the print clearly.

The diamond industry is rife with honest and dishonest sellers. Through the machinations of some unscrupulous jewelers, a stone can pass both of these tests and still be fake. The way this is done is that instead of taking a completely fake stone, a very small piece of genuine diamond is placed on top of the stone. This renders the surface of the stone as hard and resilient as a real diamond would be while the majority of the stone is glass or some other material.

How  can you tell if a diamond is real in this instance means to be able to see if the stone has been "topped" by a diamond. The way to do this is to place the stone in clear glass of water and carefully observe the way the water bends light as it passes through and strikes the stone. Previously unseen imperfections, meaning here the line where the real diamond top meets up with the glass or fake diamond stone, can become both visible and magnified.

How can you tell if a diamond is real can be ascertained in several ways but the most foolproof is to forget everything I just said and take the diamond to a certified appraiser. They have no hidden agendas and are not likely to defraud you. Certified gemologists are the ultimate authority when it comes to authenticating diamonds.

Caveat emptor is the operating phrase when you are buying a diamond. Have it properly appraised and remember that Marilyn Monroe’s immortal statement was almost right. There’s only one little change. Diamonds (appraised by a certified appraiser) are a girl’s best friend.

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