What finger for a promise ring?

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promise ring
A promise ring can mean many things
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No need to worry about what finger for a promise ring - it's up to you!

What in the world is a promise ring and what finger for a promise ring if you receive one?

This type of ring is given before the engagement ring or for other reasons. The token represents a promise an individual makes to another. An engagement ring specifically indicates the intention to marry while a promise ring can mean many things, including a vow to return; to be faithful; love for the other; best friends; saving one's virginity; keeping a promise or secret; a vow of abstinence from vices and, sometimes, the pledge to put a bigger ring on the finger when it is time to become engaged.

Women can give this type of token to a man as well as vice versa. When you do present a ring of this nature you must specify precisely what it means. If you don't intend to marry this person but do intend to be lifelong friends, spell it out. Do not lead someone down the wrong path by giving the wrong impression.

The ring often features diamonds that are smaller than those in an engagement ring. Sometimes names or words are engraved inside the ring.

The ring can be worn on the left hand ring finger or on any finger the wearer prefers. Some like to put the piece of jewelery on the left hand middle finger or on the right hand ring finger. If the token was given in friendship rather than romantic love it is not worn on the left hand ring finger, which is generally reserved for the engagement ring and wedding band.

Throughout the history of mankind men and women have given tokens to one another serving as reminders of singular promises. Rings are the definitive gesture of human devotion.

Rings come in all kinds of configurations including neck-, lip-, nose- and ear rings as well as bracelets. In the past, rings weren't necessarily worn on the fingers because they could interfere with manual work tasks. Instead, they were worn elsewhere on the body. Finger-worn rings evolved from the practice of wearing one to show you were a person of great influence and dominance. Ring insignias were used to seal documents ensuring their genuineness.

The Greeks did wear rings on their fingers that signified a pledge to respect the will of Zeus.When worn it was readily and regularly seen by other and by the wearer, a constant reminder of the pledge to Zeus.

Betrothal rings were worn in ancient Rome, consisting of two elliptical plates featuring the engraved names of the future husband and wife.

Another type of 'promise' ring is the posie (or posy) which is a gold band, simple in design, featuring a poem or sentiment on the outside of the ring. This trend was popular in Europe long ago.

Some refer to promise rings as chastity or purity rings indicating the wearer's intent to remain a virgin. Sometimes a parent gives this token to his child. Some teens opt to get one for themselves, signifying their determination to remain abstinent until marriage.

When giving this token, clearly state what you are promising. Some men and women might be off put or frightened because they think it is an engagement ring and they are not ready for that. Make sure they understand the difference. This is the ideal way to express love or friendship without jumping in with both feet.

And remember ... when you make a promise, do everything in your power to keep it. If you do not think you are up to the task, do not give someone this very important token.

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