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garden party
A garden party is a great theme
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Some good college party theme ideas for throwing the best campus event

When trying to throw a get together that will stand out among your college friends and classmates, the question really isn't, "what are some themes that I should try?" The real question is "what are the best of the best of those themes?"

Partying and college go together like bread and butter and because of this we've heard of the ultimate ragers dreamed up long before we were even born.

There are literally dozens of different ideas when trying to come up with college party theme ideas, it is just a matter of how crazy you want to get and how far the guests are willing to go.


Starting off the list of the best college party theme ideas is one that is quite raunchy. ABC stands for "Anything But Clothes" and requires that attendees wear any types of material they can get their hands on, as long as what they are wearing is not actually a piece of clothing.

Partygoers can wear toilet paper, duct tape, crime scene tape, aluminum foil, anything they can think of to cover up their naughty bits, as long as it's not something made of cloth. This theme will not only stand out as being quite creative, but has the added benefit of usually leaving little to the imagination. People are only willing to cover so much of their bodies in duct tape after all. A little bit of advice: don't cover your entire body in duct tape unless you want to spend the next morning soaking in a bathtub to loosen the adhesive.

Around The World

If you have ever been to a fraternity or dorm party, you probably already know what an around the world party means. The best of these will have a different room serving a different kind of alcohol or mixed drink, and that drink is supposed to reflect a particular country. Decorate each room to go along with the drink's theme. Don't forget the little touches like authentic music and food.

The point of the party is to have everyone move through every room that is involved in the party, thereby moving "around the world."


No list of the best theme parties in college is going to be complete without a Toga Party. National Lampoon's Animal House made this party famous, but it has actually been around much longer than the movie. People simply dress up in Togas, either home made or store bought. Get dressed up and party like its 9 AD.

Angels and Devils

This is a party that's theme is fairly easy to suss out. Attendees must choose to wear a costume that obviously sells them as either being an Angel or a Devil.

You can make up games, and rules as to how certain people are allowed to behave, based on what they come as, but really the point of this theme, as are most of the others on this list, is just to see what people choose to wear once they decide to attend.


This party can be a take on the Around the World party, except instead of going to different countries when you step into a room you are stepping into a different decade from America's history.

Just how far back you want to go is entirely up to the people throwing the party but the rooms should be decorated in certain styles to match those decades and the food, music, and drink should be year appropriate as well. Everyone attending should have to dress in a costume representing a certain era as well.

Seven Deadly Sins

This party can bring out a special level of creativity from guests as they try and figure out a way to dress up as their favorite sin. The difficulty, when talking about a college party is limiting the number of people who go as lust and call it good. You can also make this another sort of Around the World Party, with different rooms encompassing different sins.

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