Frightfully fun Halloween party food

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halloween finger food
If your guests don't cringe at your finger food, is it really a Halloween party?
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Tasty Halloween party food with a spooky twist

Halloween brings out all of the sensations we love to hate: creepy, crawly, scary and gross. If youíre throwing a Halloween party, odds are that you enjoy welcoming friends with a good scare. Perhaps youíd like to present them with a platter of eyeballs? Halloween party food disguises tasty treats as the gooey, twisted critters people may otherwise avoid.

Halloween is no time to set out a boring bowl of chips. Try a combination of Halloween party treats, colored popcorn and candy samplers from a specialty store and few homemade items to keep your table frightfully full, and your party hostessing schedule a treat!

Be warned, these Halloween party food ideas arenít pretty, but they sure are tasty if you have the guts to try them Ė Muwahahaha.

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Deviled Eyeballs

Deviled eggs are the perfect congealed texture for eyeballs. Boil eggs as you would for regular deviled eggs. Peel and half the eggs then scoop the yolks into a bowl. If you donít have a preferred recipe for deviled eggs, add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a tablespoon of mustard to the yolks. Add Salt, pepper and celery seed to taste. Mash with a fork or whip with a mixer, and add more mayonnaise or mustard until youíre happy with the taste.

Divide the filling into three separate bowls. Use a few drops of green, blue and brown food coloring in each respective bowl for different eye colors. Scoop the filling into the hollowed egg halves and smooth with a spoon. Use the tip of an olive for the pupil. Position the eyeballs on a platter staring at your guests and drizzle the dish with red hot sauce for a kick of splattered 'blood'.

Donít-Make-Me-Eat-That Empanadas

Empanadas are an easy, fun finger food for any party. The easiest way to make them is to use refrigerated pie crust. Make a filling with roasted vegetables, cheese or a combination of sweet potato, onion and pea mash seasoned with cumin, salt, pepper and turmeric. You can pan fry empanadas or bake them at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Once your mash is made, cut the pie crust into small circles. Add a spoonful of filling to one side and fold the other side over. Press the edges with your finger of fork.

Transform these tasty snacks into The Dreaded by adding green food coloring to the pie crust. Make a bloody dip of cranberry chutney or a brain stew salsa served in a skull dish.

Mummy Hot Dogs

If your Halloween party food is mostly for kids (or kids at heart), mini hot dogs in a crescent roll are a sure hit - unless you make them into mummy hot dogs. Instead of wrapping hot dogs the traditional fold over way, slice the dough into long, thin strips. Then mummify the hot dogs by wrapping the dough around the mini hot dogs, leaving a gap up top. Use two dots of ketchup for the an evil-eyed touch to your Halloween party food.

Viciously Delicious Spider Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes tend to be the first to disappear at parties. Letís see how long they last when costumed as crawly spiders. Make mini chocolate cupcakes with solid black or brown cupcake papers, and top the cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. Use coconut dyed black or black sanding sugar on top of the frosting. Add two red jelly beans for eyes and cut marshmallows into sharp fangs to wedge onto the front. Cut licorice rope into pieces and attach three to each side for bony legs.

Showstopper Severed Zombie Head Cake

What freaky Halloween party food would be complete without a horrifying center piece? Severed head cakes are easier to make than they sound and you can let your imagination go wild with the details. If you have a special guest of honor youíd especially like to freak out, design zombie head to resemble your friend.

Set a no-bake cheese cake in a face mold. When firm, lay the cake on a bed of scattered graham cracker crust. Pour cherry pie filling around the outside of the cake for an extra touch of gore. Write R.I.P. in black icing across the top of ladies fingers and line them around the cake for tombstones. Who wants the chin?

Halloween party foods double as tasty snacks and spooky decor. Consider featuring your severed head cake on a pedestal and sprinkling your mini spider cupcakes on small dishes throughout the room so the place is crawling with creepiness. Happy Halloween!


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